Monday, July 8, 2013

The day before Ramadhan

My search for cinnamon roll still on. So far, dah jenguk MyMesra, Cake Sense, Roti Boy, Dome, San Fran. Mengecewakan..except San Fran ada la cinnamon roll. Tapi besar bapakkk! Sebesar pinggan layan (serving plate) ! Ni makan 1 hari sure muak/ tak habis, pehtu kang tak pasal2 sworn off cinnamon roll for months. Where have all the cinnamon roll outlets gone too. We used to have St Cinnamon, Cinnabon. Dah jadi endangered species ke, or dah extinct?
My love for cinnamon rolls started when I was in menengah rendah. Remember White Castle? Cinnamon rolls were sold there. Murah je kut, I think MR0.50 per piece? We had school outing every 2 weeks and I would look forward to this outing whereby we would stop by White Castle and buy a piece.

Time2 tu, spending additional RM0.50 kira an indulgence. Yelah, nak beli toilettries lah, stationaries lah, meal during outing. Budget kena control beb.
There's another 2 stops to be made. King's confectionery and Isetan's Sun Moulin. Oh yes, kalau by habis kerja the huge cinnamon roll kat San Fran tak lenyap, I'll buy it lah.

17 July 2013
A few days ago, I posted in FB, seeking friends feedback on where I can find a good cinnamon roll. And tadaaaa!!
Another pregnant lady friend answered my call of distress. Thanks Yot!! She bought this and brought to the office, passed it to hubby. And she is already 36 weeks. *sigh* larat nak melayan kerenah makcik sorang ni. Dah la hasben dia pun tgh outstation. Alhamdulillah. Murah rezeki aku & baby. God bless Yot. Ehehehe.

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