Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cuti2 in Johor Bharu

To beat the cuti sekolah crowd, we took leave on Thursday and drove to Nusajaya Wednesday night. Packing was already done the night before. Once me & hubby got back from office, we waited for Hayaa to arrive from school, bibik bagi mandi, solat maghrib and off we go.
We decided to drive the KIA since it has CD player, kang boring pulak budak2. Honestly, I would prefer the beamer, since the seat is wayyy comfy. Tapi memikirkan lagi sakit kepala kalau budak2 cranky, I concur with the KIA choice.
We rented a homestay in Taman Nusantara under management of Vintage Hotel. It's a 2-storey terrace house. Per night for the whole house is RM300. We wanted to rent fully for 3 nights (22-24hb) tapi dah ada renter for 1 night master bedroom on 24hb. So the total cost was RM770. Belasah je laa. Kalau dok hotel, mau RM1500 lebih.
Ni the hotel. Lupa nak ambik gambar homestay.
The homestay fulfil the basic needs - 3 rooms : masterbed with 2xsingle beds, 2nd room with queen bed, 3rd room with single bed, air-conditioned, 1 bathroom with hot shower at 1st floor, 1 toilet attached with hot shower at groundfloor, WIMAX (cool!), TV but no cable network (just basic channels, kalau ada CD/DVD player kan best), dapur with peti ais, kettle, pinggan/ mangkuk/cawan/sudu/garpu. Yg kureng, takde dining table tapi no biggie coz makan luar pun. Hari2 ada maid kemas bilik je & top-up mineral bottles.
Ada drama gak masa nak check-in. Kitaorg sampai dlm 12 tgh malam kut. So mamat yg jaga, well..sampai skrg ingat nama dia, Abg Awang. Decent, tapi blurr. Menggagau cari booking form. Kita bagi deposit, tak issue resit. Minta kunci rumah, katanya ada org dok jaga rumah (rumah pun tak tau kat mana, bagi alamat je). Bila sampai rumah, takde org pun. So kitaorg patah balik ke hotel. Sampai hotel, he was on the phone with the day receptionist, boleh dgr suara cik kak tu hangin2 mengexplain. Bila mintak kunci, bagi kunci bilik je, aikkk..mesti la nak kena bagi kunci gate & grill rumah. Dia pegi kater yg 'kunci bilik boleh bukak semua2'.
So I asked to talk with the day receptionist, cik kak tu pun explain balik. Siap mintak tolong ajar Abg Awang. Bila awek tu inform cari kunci putih, blur la pulak Abg Awang ni. Ada pulak dia pegi kater 'semua kunci warna putih'. Itu warna besi kunci laaa..yg putih tu, tag kunci. Kitaorg pulak yang kena guide (sebab cabinet kunci boleh nampak from the front desk). Resit, baru lah nak issue lepas awek tu explain to me, and I have to teach Abg Awang canner nak isi resit. Haisssshh..hubby tak habih2 dok menyatakan kekesalan, 'naper lah tak ajar mamat ni, tahap ni memang jadi jaga je sesuai, naper lah taknak memajukan diri.' Encik hubby...tak sumer org bright hokay. Lagi2 style kalut mcm tu (sampai kuci putih pun tak jumpa2). Sorry Abg Awang. The very least, both of us think this guy is trustworthy, nampak la decent orgnya. And selamat masuk rumah, dingdong2, tido around 2am. zzzzZZZ.
So next morning, Legoland. Hmmpphh. Hayaa le syok kut. Tapi panasnya mak aiiii. Sib baik taktik menjadi, tak berapa ramai orang. Still kena beratur for the rides but 2-3 round je tunggu.
Sebelum masuk
Most of the rides, hubby la teman Hayaa. Huda, sumer 'nannaakk' bila tanya. Ok jerr..since dia masuk FOC (bawah 3 years).
Just after the entrance, Huda checking her 'peace' sign
Naik boat dgn walid
Macam2 lah statue yg di pasang drp Lego nye pieces, but once figure caught my attention....
Direwolf - to honor House of Stark, Game of Thrones..heheh
By the time tgh hari, Huda dah cranky. Nap time le tuh, tapi tak dapat tido selesa.
Sedeynya....nak tido...uuuuu..
Second day, we went to Puteri Harbour theme park. Kalau Legoland was hot (outdoor), today was so cold (indoor with aircond-dah le hujan sikit2 kat luar tu).
Last day, JPO...hehehe..time for mama & walid to splurge. Huda cranky lak pagi2 before sampai JPO. By the time sampai JPO, demam. Siannn...mesti sebab panas giler 1st day, and sejuk pulak on the second. Muntah dia kat JPO tuh. Lps muntah, nampak dia macam relieved sikit...tapi mandom laaa.
First time Hayaa mintak bergambo..I had to remind her rapatkan kaki, kalu idak, ngangkang minah ni
Hmmm..what have we bought...stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ku lihat hijauuuu..Milo Breakfast Run 2013

Woooohoooo! I made it, syukur alhamdulillah. Was doubting myself since early last week I had this pelvic pain. I had to really observe my condition and made judgement whether walking 7KM will be ok or not. Friday was good and Saturday was good. So by Saturday night, agak confidentlah to join this event.

Milo Breakfast Run 2013 @ UPM, Serdang
Bangun awal la jugak, around 440am, had a quick shower & breakfast. Dah nama breakfast run, kena la lapik perut sket?! It was raining but sporadic. Fetch Ah (hubby's niece) around 530am and off we went to Serdang. Berenti solat subuh kat Petronas station, the one before UPM toll around 6am. Leceh lah nak solat kat masjid UPM. Nak menapak from parking, amik wudhu' and gegas ke ruang solat. Solat kat petrol station is faster due to its shorter accessibility.
Lps solat, looking at Waze app, it was already indicated that traffic was jammed from UPM tol - main entrance - parking area and it was 630am. Flag-off 7am...arggghh. Using Waze, we navigated to the second entrance but were road-blocked half way. Cisss..again we used Waze to circumnavigate, took a long way..tah masuk macam pendalaman UPM, single lane, small lane. Yang penting...sampai akhirnya! Woohoo, 15 mins before flag-off. Sib baik nekad ikut jalan lain.
Ramai jugak, almost 8000 peeps. I guessed mostly UPM students, nampak muda2 dan bergeng2. Once we passed the scanner mat pad, Ah lari terus and both me & hubby stuck to brisk walking. Target 11min 30sec per km, so that would be 1hr 20m 30s for us to complete 7KM. Berbekalkan Milo 3 kotak and 5 biji kurma Maryami, we reached the finishing line 1hr 28min plus. Sib baikkkk..I want the medal you know and cut-off time is 1hr 30m.
TQ Ah, for the photo! And hubby..sob, sob..for being by my side all the way.
Nampak mamat t-shirt putih, suruh pegi amik medal & goodie bag. Weeeee...!!
Nice medal! Saya sukaaaa.
Efficient medal, mineral water and banana handsout. Nice place for gathering of runners/joggers/walkers and family members/ friends. Lapang betul padang nya. Ye lah..sah2 padang kawad UPM. Kalau tak lapang, hampeh aaaa. And milo van, masyaAllah, banyak nyeeee. You know, dalam byk2 running/walking event that I joined, this is the first time I managed to get a cup. Queue was short due to maaaany number of vans. Tapi manis la pulak rase milo nye..ehekk.
Rows of Milo van
Since it was a movement to encourage ppl taking breakfast, there were long tents for food stalls. Food vouchers included in the goodie bag. RM1x3 vouchers in each bag. Each plate of food harga standard RM3. But tak lapo la plak. Dah pekena air milo & banana. So we decided to head home...and..stop makan kat Fawwaz kakakaka..before antar Ah balik.
Very happy with the turn out. Next one, 5KM Mines Charity Run. Of course, will walk. Cut-off 2 hrs. Ok laaaa!! Got medal, but will not expect much on its quality and beauty.
Close-up medal. Nice huh? Cedok blogger mana tah. Tq anyway...hihihi
Minum Milo anda jadi sihat dan kuat!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pelvic Girdle Pain (also know as Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction)

PGP strikes..yeap. As usual, I will experience this during pregnancy. However, this time it hits early, on the verge of 5 months. With Hayaa', it was just a discomfort pre-natal but post-natal, it was a monster pain in the pelvic (lain kali lah citer). With Huda, I did pelvic floor and core muscle strengthening. Straight away after delivery, I used crutches. PGP was bearable, I was happy that I was better off this time. This time around, has the usual sciatica, cocyx and back pain. But the pain in right inner thigh at hip joint is the main culprit - usually got this post natal. I'm still doing the exercises, yet still got this. Got one website said that if one has experienced it before, it will come ealy in the next pregnancy. I can vouch for this!
So, I'm mentally preparing myself for the debilitating pain and the disability it will cause me post-natal. I need to find the crutches back. I still remember the brand -Lifesaver - how fitting ! I really love that crutches.
I am actually looking forward to join the Milo Breakfast Run this Sunday although I plan to walk all the way with hubby. With the onset of this PGP, I am closely monitoring my discomfort (turned pain in evening and night) and trying to make a judgement whether my body can handle the long distance's 7KM distance..hehe (weak and lame laugh)..
My only saving grace is that most website advised walking as the best exercise to combat PGP. I notice that the pain will lessen if I walk while sucking in my stomach ie contracting my abdoment and tilt my upper body forward a bit. I think I can do this and need to remember taking small steps, so that not to aggrave the PGP.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Potong kuku ikut sunnah nabi Muhammad SAW

Hari ni hari Khamis. A good day to trim your nails. Again, I am putting this in my blog for future reference.
Urutan yg mengikut sunnah...hmmm..I always started trimming my lefty. Silap nih
Warning. Following is the hadis yang tidak di sahih kan. But the main thing is, trim your nails on Monday, Thursday and Friday.

RASULULLAH S.A.W bersabda yang ertinya:-
Barang siapa yang memotong kukunya pada ;
Hari Sabtu:Nescaya keluar dari dalam tubuhnya ubat dan masuk kepadanya penyakit
Hari Ahad :Nescaya keluar daripadanya kekayaan dan masuk kemiskinan.
Hari Isnin :Nescaya keluar daripadanya gila dan masuk sihat
Hari Selasa:Nescaya keluar daripadanya sihat dan masuk penyakit
Hari Rabu :Nescaya keluar daripadanya was-was dan masuk kepadanya kepapaan.
Hari Khamis :Nescaya keluar daripadanya bila dan masuk kepadanya sembuh dari penyakit.
Hari Jumaat : Nescaya keluar dosa-dosanya seperti pada hari dilahirkan oleh ibunya dan masuk kepadanya rahmat daripada Allah Taala.

Present for Teacher's Day

I feel bad buying a present just for Hayaa's class teacher. Tapi jenuh la pulak nak beli kat sumer cikgu2 dia. Dah la we could not dig out complete & proper teacher's list out of her. So, satu hadiah for cikgu kelas je laaaa..
I bought this one plaque for quite some time, bought it at a gift shop in KLCC. It's made from plaster of paris with 'Teachers make little thing counts' embossed on it. Had the RIBBA IKEA wall frame even longer (tak pakai2). Just put those two together using adhesives and super glue. Hopefully it will not fall off from its glued perch. Kalau nak fall-off pun, tunggu lah ye setahun dua. Kalau nak fall-off jugak, pandai2 la Cikgu Huda pegi lekat balik kua..kua..kua..
To complete the package, bought the box and wish card at a D'Nata boutique gift box/wrappers near my office. I am not keen to use wrapper..bazir je. Orang selalunya main koyak je kertas tu...kesian kat pokok2 yg menyumbangkan sumber nya. Terqurban begitu sahaja. So I use box and paper bag. Sustainable laaa. The receiver can reuse the box and bag (hopefully!).
Haiii...lupa nak amik gambo frame tu...pueh ngerjakan malam tadi. Konon2 work of art. This would be my 3rd endeavour. My first frame has wooden sculptures from Bali and second has chopstick holder with mother of pearl from Ho Chi Minh. Both frames are on my house wall.
Hopefully Hayaa bawak elok2, jangan sampai tertinggal mana2, jatuh pecah ke, orang amik, salah bagi cikgu ke. Kua..kua..kua..

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Demam pilihanraya PRU13..dah kebah ke belum ni?

Finally TS Khalid will be sworn in as MB Selangor..hep, hep! Kita doalah for a better Selangor. I am also very happy coz the people I voted for Parlimen and ADUN got their post. To AK, you sore kes burung terbang pipiskan lada (hah! carik sendiri apa maksud). Kalau dah jadi top mgmt PKR, apa hal benda2 macam tak leh nak foresee/ expect. Manage expectations lah!
Tgh beratur, Saliran 3.
I went out to cast my vote around 12noon. Sampai center around 1220pm. Panaaas. Jokingly I said to hubby whether I can be treated as OKU since preggy ehehehe. Never mind lah. Pakai jugak baju yg loose2. Still not ready to advert to the whole world of my preggyness. While queueing, (it was hot ok), ladies were fanning themselves and luckily I had  this one piece of paper to fan myself, jadi la.
One SPR officer passed by and asked the lady behind me,'Kakak pregnant ke, kalau pregnant, boleh ke depan.'. Uihhhh..riuhh kakak tu dgn kawan dia sebab dia bukannya pregnant pun, nampak je mcm pregnant. Nasib baik tak ambik hati. Tersipu2 malu, mamt SPR tu sambil mintak maaf. I was like...'aku tak nampak pregnant ke...should I declare and take on this offer?'. Last2, ku menyepikan diri, dengor je la kakak tu mengekek2 dgn kawan dia. Nyesal ke? Tak jugak, since from home I was mentally prepared for a long queue and even put on loose fitting clothing. By 125pm, all done. Yey! Syok jugak ngundi nih.
The ink which is not indelible at ALL. Balik rumah, basuh sabun, tanggal je, except those celah2 kuku.
Staying up for the result, was an experience as well. Reading all the FB posts on personal opinions (some stupid, some racist, some enlightening) and so called analysis (I questioned some of it) was also a novelty. It was just like zaman2 sekolah. Insensitive remarks, bogus facts, parroting, lame reasoning. Sumer ada. Yet, there was also heart warming posting, words of wisdom and reality check point of views.
Apa2 pun, you take ALL in, the good, the bad, and make an opinion out of it. Kalau rase tak cukup ilmu di dada, tak yah la nak berdebat2 macam nak rak. Just uphold what you personally feels is right and and make sure you just focus on things you can control/ contribute.