Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Plan for it..Work Towards it - MPIB Run 2014

Registration is open today..oh yeahhh! It will be on 5th Jan next year. It was my first run of the 2013, last time I did 12KM. Tapi oleh kerana MPIB14 tu around the time I would be done with my maternity (insyaAllah), takde lah nak go for 12KM and yet..ahahaha..taknak la jugak go for the shortest distance ie 5KM.
Second time masuk this run.

9 Dec
Oh maaan...I have to restart from the beginning. Have been doing brisk-walking ( running) for the past 1 week. I am sooo pancit. Niggles everywhere. Semput lah, side stitch lah. Sengal2 post-activity. Sooo sellooww. See?! See?! Haishh...Seriously, if I am not properly conditioned by 5th Jan, I will just walk all the wayyyy. Better be safe than sorry. Barang nak pakai lama ek.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tiring weekend

'Have a nice weekend' is commonly uttered when somebody is about to leave the office on Friday's evening. Selalunya, happy lah kan bila Jumaat tiba. Thank god it's Friday huh? So sad to say, last weekend was not a nice one. Penat....ohohoh..really penat. The first week we were without mbak around. My parents who help to watch over my kids during the weekdays, gone back to their home. Nak siram pokok bunga (biasalah orang2 tua ni..). Sib baik takde bela ayam ke, kambing ke..
Basuh baju sekolah Hayaa, kasut sekolah. Nak kena hambat budak2 ni mandi, breakfast, lunch, mandi petang, makan malam, tido malam (have to put up with so many, 'taknak tu, taknak ni' patience wearing thin..grrrr). Groceries, sapu rumah, mop rumah, laundry, sidai baju, lipat baju. Boleh je nak hantar semua ke kedai dobi but we opted to send only office wear. Less ironing for office wear, except kena iron baju sekolah Hayaa je lah. Satu benda tak buat...siram pokok bunga. Tak psl2, pokok2 tu kena puasa jugak.
Saturday, we bought JM Bariani for iftar. Sunday evening, my mom & dad dah balik semula from their house. She bought ayam bakar (emmm..drumstick bakar..besar betul drumstick nye). I defrosted some chicken sebab teringin nak makan ayam masak lemak (nope, no cili api..tak tahan pedas). When I was about to cook it. tgk2 makcik tu dah tolong masakkan (kekeke). Sempat la jugak I made agar2 santan perisa pandan (apa nama tah).
Huuhuhu..thinking about next weekend, I think this is the first time ever I am not looking forward to a weekend.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Huhhuhuhuhuh...dah start bulging stomach gatal sana sini. Itchy because the already stretched skin is getting dryer, friction from clothing. Oh yes, peluh pun satu penyebab. Bila sapu Palmer's cocoa butter, membantu sikitt je la.
That's it, from now on kegatalan ni akan menjadi lumrah sehinggalah baby sampai. Kena ulang mantra ni...must not scratch! Gosokkk.
Tapi....the itchiness was soooo bad. I bought so many lotions/ moituriser : Palmer's stretch mark lotion, Palmer concentrated cream, Palmer tummy butter, Avene Trixera emollient, Rosken dry skincare.
I could not sleep for 2 nights straight. Finding comfortable position was impossible. My stomach skin was so dry and itchy. When lying on my side, the bedsheet felt like kain guni, scratching my stomach. Lagi satu, the skin in between the breastbone and my navel - pedih macam nak terkoyak kalau lying on my side. Maybe sebab kulit kering/ tak anjal - bila baring sisi, kulit yg bawah breast bone tu kira mcm stationary and my bulging stomach kira landing flat on the bed. So the skin in between kira jadi overly stretched. Lying on the back, tercungap2 la pulak, vena kava ditekan dek uterus yg berat tu.
I ended up sleeping seated. Itu pun terjaga berapa kali sebab gatal and had to put on lotion coz the lotion dried up quite fast. During those 2 nights, I took a midnight/very early morning shower sebab tak tahan dgn kulit badan sendiri.
Hubby took pity on me, arranged for me to see dermatologist that he had visited before, Dr Guru in PMC/TTMC, on the 3rd day of my suffering. I had to rush visiting panel clinic to get referral letter and arranged for Guarantee Letter to see Dr Guru. Sib baik sempat, so petang tu jugak jumpa Dr Guru.
I was prescribed with an antihistamine tablets (chlorpheniramine maleate 4mg, Drug House of Australia) and moisturizing lotion Cetaphil Restoraderm (~RM100 a bottle - gasp! Not covered by insurance, kena bayor sendiri).
Mahal siodd..RM95 in PMC for 295mL
Although Dr Guru assured the tablets are mild for pregnant ladies, saspen la jugak. However, Dr Siti confirmed that it is safe to be taken. The third night, I had a fairly good sleep...waaaaahaaa..bestnye uuhuhuhu..The lotion also help. My suffering ends, yey! So much so, kulit perut jadi cantik balik ekekeke.
Antihistamine is categorized as B - A guaranteed no ill effects, while C has ill effects and B for something inconclusive. Doc prescribed me to take 2 tablets a day, but I take only 1 before going to bed. Now, I'm cutting the tablet into half (siap beli pill cutter) and even skipped if I feel good, experience or expect not to experience exertion or cuaca macam nice and sejuk. Precaution, coz majority literature cannot guarantee effect to pregnant ladies and the babies.
Earlier this week (23Sept), we went to PMC to buy Cetaphil (botoi kecik sikit) and top up the tablet. Silap tak call dulu, we arrived 7pm something, retail pharmacy already closed. The pharmacy tech on duty for prescription informed that the tablet I could not buy over the counter, kena ada precription...alaaaa.
Tapi semalam (24Sept), went out for dinner dgn Sera at Empire Subang. Saw Caring pharmacy, show the antihistamine blister pack and they have the same brand! I was only asked to write my details in logbook. 1 blister pack (10 tablets) costs RM1 I bought 2 packs. Duhhhh...Need prescription huh? Cetaphil RM99 botol besar, they got. Beli je laaaaa..malas dah nak meredah PMC.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dr Siti, here I come

Last Saturday, I went to SDMC for the GTT test (glucose tolerance test). A bit suspense..1. takut tak boleh nak buat the test sebab lupa nak tanya nurse whether the test still goes on when she called and advised me to change gynae for the antenatal checkup. 2-3 hari lepas tu, baru terpikir & bila call Dr Delaila's clinic, memang harus lah takde org angkat. 2. Takut fail the test. Hmmm..yelah, nenek ada diabetes, mak ada diabetes so what about my chance of getting one? High lah! Gestational diabetes, even higher? I dunno.
Saturday morning, gave another call to the clinic (manalah tahu..ada org angkat)....ring..ring..hmm, as expected takde org angkat. Tapi oleh kerana Devagi the nurse kata this 2 weeks is the suitable window to do the test (between 26-28 weeks), maka saya redah lah jugak hospital tu. Doa lebih sikit..rabbi yassir wa la tu 'assir. At registration, I told the girl I came for blood test. Ok lepas. Now, camner nak register myself with the clinic's nurse. Masa register, jeling2 Delaila's area..yep lengang...Tapi rezeki doa bulan ramadhan kut..nampak Devagi manning a different clinic, nearby. Devagiiii! Nasib baik Devagi ada. So first step, I need to anchor myself to a gynae before doing the blood test and she helped to set me up with Dr Siti..*sigh* byk patient dia ni. But she's the only muslim lady gynae after Delaila. Lagipun malas nak tukar hospital lah. I'm used to the system, parking lot, registration pattern, cafe bla2.
The doc herself
Bila check online system, slot Dr Siti penuhhh weii..waiting list pun penuh weiii...Maka Devagi menggunakan cable nye and called Hanim (?) asking whether can squeeze in another Delaila's patient. Suuuuppp..terus dapat...wooohooo...appointment in 2 weeks time..another rezeki.
So now, the test. Masa tu lah Devagi drop the bombshell. Kena ambik darah & give urine sample. Then I need to take glucose drink, 2 hours later, repeat blood & urine sampling. Allllllllaaaaa..awat tak habaq awai2. Habih posa aku. Dok maintain posa penuh so far. Hmmpph! Tapi air glucose tu, ya allah manisnya hampir tak tertelan. There was a brewing isntruction on the cup - 75g glucolin (erkkkk..) plus water (tak ingat brp mL, tapi size std paper cup). Imagine 100g choc bar, to get an idea of how much 75g is. banyak tuuuu. blegghhhh.
1st blood sampling was nice, just a sting tapi 2nd blood sampling...adeiii. Biru2 haaa lengan.
Day 4 after kena cucuk amik darah
Yesterday, I received a call from Kak Hanim (she introduced herself as such..I'm warming up to this person already) identifying her from Dr Siti's clinic. Terperanjat beruk sat. So she put me thru and seconds later I heard Dr Siti's voice on the line. She told me that my blood sugar was high post glucose (8.7 vs 7.8mmol/L) but I did not have gestational diabetes. Legaaa..she only advised me to control diet and reduce sugar intake. Ok doc, will do doc! Did internet search and wiki told me :
"2 hour OGTT glucose level below 7.8 mmol/L (140 mg/dL) is normal, whereas higher glucose levels indicate hyperglycemia. Blood plasma glucose between 7.8 mmol/L (140 mg/dL) and 11.1 mmol/L (200 mg/dL) indicate "impaired glucose tolerance", and levels above 11.1 mmol/L (200 mg/dL) at 2 hours confirms a diagnosis of diabetes."
Sempat la wished the doc selamat berbuka. She laughed a bit and wished me the same. Hmmm..I am also warming up to her. Looking forward to meeting her on 3rd Aug.

3rd Aug 2013
Medical checkup day. Thankfully kids were excited to accompany their mama so memasing docilely bangun mandi and had breakfast. Me & hubby, we mentally prepared ourselves on the long queue of the doc's clinic. Our plan? Register, take our number at the clinic, estimate how long the wait would be (hopefully long) and go to Subang Parade for baju raya shopping for the kids.
Level 4 hospital, was not packed as I expected, orang dah balik beraya kut. But doc's the time I got there about 30+ files already lined up (yikes!). It was not nurse Hanim manning the desk and she gave me #38 wargghh. Did the customary urine test, got the result and asked the nurse the estimated time of appointment. 
It was about 11.30am and we were told to come around 3pm :P Welllll...definitely enough time to do shopping, so off we went to Subang Parade. Huda was getting cranky, lapar kut since she just nibbled her breakfast so we decided to feed them lunch first thing. 
Hayaa sempat la berdrama dalam kereta, she threw me kotak milo kosong. We chided her (nada suara biasa2 je - not a nice thing to do, make people upset, buat mama upset - and hasben joined in -walid pun upset. And she started to quietly sobbed...kekeke. Hasben - Hayaa say sorry? - so the kid said sorry and salam hasben. Then she turned to me, said sorry, and mintak tisu. Yelah, airmata meleleh2 tu. To make her feel better, I gave her the kotak milo and told her to dispose it properly when we found a dustbin. We found one on the way to Subang Parade's lift. She dutifully disposed it and kita puji2 lah sikit kan :P We went straight to food court and by the time she saw her fav chicken mushroom yee mee, happy dah. Haiii...budak2 ni resilient betul noh?
Gedebuk gedebak, beli la 3 pasang baju for each kids & 2 pyjamas for baby. Ingat nak recycle kakak2 dia punya, tapi bagi peluang laa..first baby boy kut. Beli laa baru. Of course I was the one yg cari baju2 ni, hasben was in charge of taking care of the kids. He looked a bit harassed, apa tak nya, Huda nak merayap sana, Hayaa nak merayap sinun. Padan muka :) selalu dok harap kat bini & bibik. Rasakan.
By 230pm, made our move back to hosp, solat and went to clinic. Lengang dah beb clinic2 lain, Doc Siti's clinic je yg happening. Still kena menunggu, my turn finally came around 520pm. Ngantuk2 tunggu.  Haisshhh..dgn Delaila pun, tak pernah sampai petang mcm ni. Paling lama pun 1-130pm. In between, hasben sempat kuar cari nasi ayam makcik Laili coz we plan to have iftar with mak today. Bungkus je, takyah susah2 makcik tu masak.
Finally met the doc. Yep, she was friendlier than Delaila (tidak syak lagi). Hasben's take? He feels that she is more detailed but Delaila appeared more confident (sebab Delaila cakap mcm tegas lagi kut). I think Delaila is more detailed but I dare to ask more Qs to Doc Siti. Hahaha nampak sangat menikus dgn Delaila. Oh well, ok je dua2 tu. Masing2 dgn gaya tersendiri. Asalkan I deliver my baby safely.
Berbuka : Nasi ayam makcik Laili..nyam..nyam! Plus air mata kucing and kuih kaswi..terbaek! Balik from rumah mak...fengsan!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mbak going home for Raya

Wargghhh!! Thank god it's just for 1 month. We sent her to LCCT yesterday soon after sahur coz her flight was at 7am. Poor lady, excited to go home but have to brave through the traumatic airport travel experience. Saya faham....I can recall my first solo air travel. Quite daunting even for an educated person, more so for simple kampung folks like my bibik. Sejuk tangan dia bila salam2 before letting her pass the embarkation gate.
As usual, I SOS my mom to look after my kids. Kesian jugak makcik tu..dah tua weiii..lagipun so many Ramadhan activities lined up by her tadarus class that she will miss. My mom dah hint2, next year, bagi la mbak balik 1 week before raya & gave her 3 weeks after raya so that she can enjoy more Ramadhan activities, sooo my mom pun boleh la enjoy Ramadhan activities 3 weeks..kuikuikui. Ok kutt..mbak pun ada hint2 macam tu. Hmmph..masa kita indicate to her the plan to byt tix for 2 wks puasa, 2 weeks raya, takde pun  berbunyi. Dah nak dekat2 balik, baru berbunyi. Fickle..fickle.
Mbak tak pun call pun lagik, so we have no idea whether she's safely arrived. Last time pun mcm tu jugak. Dah brp hari, baru dapat confirmation. Maybe I'll give her a call today or tomorrow. Praying for her safe and smooth cuti raya and her journey back. Also praying for smooth handling of things without her around, particularly berharap it's not too much for my mom.

23 July
Yesterday, hasben got a missed call from Indonesia @1am? My first thought, must be Mbak, tapi awat she called hasben and not me? Emergency kah. But it was just 1 missed called, so cud not be an emergency. I checked the time difference, it's 1 hour earlier in Semarang - apa keje mbak call hasben 12am Semarang time? So I dialled her daughter's number around 11pm Msian & 10pm Semarang time. Her hasben asnwered and passed the phone to her. Alhamdulillah, she arrived home on the travel day itself about 2pm. She did try calling my handphone (org Indon sebut henpon : harpir) but the calls did not go thru. Adakah dia lupa nak letak country code..takpelah. Tak payah tanya. Janji dia selamat sampeiii.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Family Photo by Hayaa and surprising encounter with a good person

Ni sekolah punya homework. Punyalah berhari2 dok pester kitaorg for manila card, kertas warna, kertas hiasan, gam (dah ada pun mintak lagi..?!) and photos of each family members. So last Saturday, we took photos using hubby's iPhone and printed it out using our printer color.
Hari Ahad cari la kertas2 tu dkt Mydin, takde. Pergi stationary shop nearby, tutup. So I decided to buy it @Ampang Park on Monday. When I walked out from LRT station, I saw the Pos Malaysia stationary kiosk, totally forgot about buying things here. So I stopped by and gathered all the necessary stuff.
Tapi bila nak bayar, I discovered yg I was out of cash! Lupa lak semalam dah pakai habis. Segan dgn adik tu. 'Kensel lah dik.' Tapi tiba2 adik tu kata 'Takpe lah kak, bayar kemudian.' Wahhh...masih ada lagi this tahap of kepercayaan, I felt happily surprised. So I promise to come back during noon break. She only noted down the amount I owed, my HP number & my name on her note book. That was it.
During noon break, I came back and she remembered me, smiled at me. I picked up some other stuff eg. scissor that cut a pattern and Pilot refill. Tapi bila nak bayar (RM10.30), takde syiling nak bayar 30sen. Again, the girl surprised me. 'Tak payah lah Kak, takpe boss saya tak kisah benda2 kecik macam ni.' Kita pun korek la purse, jumpa laa 5 sen 4 keping. Jadi laaaa, so I gave it to her. Discount 10 sen.
Syok kan, ada lagi orang2 macam ni in KL city center.
Anyway, back to Hayaa's family photo, this is the result.
Terror jugak awek ni menghias :)

My gynae was attacked by robbers..gawd

oh dear..oh dear. Doc Delaila kena samun pagi buta semalam, in front of her poliklinik in SS19. The robbers were armed with parang and her left thumb was chopped off. Jahaaaaattt!
Yesterday in fact, we heard of this 8 am news on the radio while driving to work. Our interest and sympathy was piqued but when the newscaster mentioned SS19, we perked up even more since it was close to mak's house. Never did it cross our mind it was Delaila. At 8.17am (phone log), I got a call from Delaila's clinic. Devaghi the nurse informed me that Delaila is on emergency leave until October and advised to arrange my checkup with another doctor. I still did not to put two and two together. My thought at that time, 'how come you can have an emergency leave until October'. Since I had a blood test scheduled this weekend, I thought to ask further question to Devaghi and ascertain if Delaila can still deliver my baby in October. But when I was in the office, my colleague gave me the link to the news above on TheStar web and she said it was Delaila and I went....oh my god..
Today, she was the front news in theSun ( Apparently she had undergone thumb reattachment surgery. I pray for her recovery, I believe for a specialist to loose his/ her fingers will be devastating. Additionally, feeling selfish as well, I pray for her recovery to be in time. Tapi since buat reattachment ni, I don't think she will be normalized (insyaAllah) in time.
I wish her fast recovery. And hope she maintains her hand/thumb functionality.
So now, I'm making enquiries about other gynaes. SDMC has another muslim lady gynae Dato' Dr Siti. Hmmmm...ramai patient lah dia ni. And I'm sure there'll be an influx of Delaila's patient into her clinic. My inclination now is Dr Seri Suniza in PCMC. Quite a number of ppl in my organization opted for PCMC and we were even ridiculed once/ twice of not opting PCMC. Perhaps, we can this an opportunity to chose PCMC. Nothing is finalized yet, am still doing enquiries.
Well, my plan now is to continue doing the blood test in SDMC. Check with Devaghi on the possibility of Delaila's full recovery by early Oct. If full recovery is not possible by Oct, I will then seriously courting another gynae.

31 July
2 youths were charged with robbery and causing grievous injury. Both are in early 20s. Apa laa budak2 mentah ni. Dah merompak, pergi enjoy habuan kat Penang. So shallow. Apparently information about the robbers was tipped by one of the family relatives. If found guilty, the maximum punishment would be 20 years prison and canning. You are wasting your life bros..
Pasal Dr Delaila, she's recovering and thumb reattachment was successful. Cuma tak tahu lagi whether the reattached thumb can get back its original functionality. Hope for the best la.

3rd Aug
While doing my med checkup, sempat tanya Doc Siti about Delaila's well-being. Apparently she's still in hospital. Poor doc. Sempat jugak Doc Siti remarked that she'll be monitoring me an dhopefully Delaila will recover in time for my delivery..berdetik jugak la dalam hati ni..diaorg ni in denial ke haper. Lama kut nak tunggu thumb tu recover? I don't think she (her thumb lah) can recover that fast.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Into 6th day of Ramadhan

Alhamdulillah. All is well. Penat tu..memang penat. Pandai2 la meng adjust activity. So far, my Ramadhan regime is working. Mainly balun tidoq after solat isya'. Hubby kejut after he came back from tarawikh. Kalau rasa fresh & energized, I go downstairs, have a bowl of cereal + warm milo, do tarawikh and hambat budak2 tidoq afterwards. If not, I will hambat budak2 tidoq and I will tidoq as well. Then make sure I get up around midnight to have the cereal+milo and do tarawikh. Sekarang ni dok balun Nestle's Fitnesse Almond/Honey and Fruit.
My fav is Almond Honey. Yg Fruit tu, for variety only.
Rasa2nya lah, elok kalau have the midnight moreh lah. Kalau 10ish dah isi balik, macam too soon since baru je 2hrs plus lps berbuka. Yep, I'm sticking my midnight moreh. Tarawikh, flexi lah, nak buat 10ish pm ka, midnight ka or around sahur time ka (tak pernah lagi...jgn la setat, kalut kut).
Yesterday me & hubby went grocerying. Found this cereal White's Toasted Oats Apple and Cinnamon, macam sedap so I bought. Saja takut boring dok makan Nestle punya je.
The cinnamon taste tu, yg buat dia sedap bangatt. Ke sebab tgh ngidam cinnamon roll?
Sedaap! Tak nyesal lah beli. Maybe boleh try the other variety later on - Strawberry/Banana and Wild Fruits.

26 July
Bought another one of White's Toasted Oats. This time it's Wild Fruit Crunch. It has dried strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. Sedap jugak hehehe.

Thursday, July 11, 2013 sweet

Today, I plan to stay the whole day in my base office. We are moving and spring cleaning activity is planned office-wide. While waiting for the activity to start, I tumpang duduk at my office mate's cubicle. He was away in Miri currently.
Sempat menyelongkar meja orang..tak senonoh kan? I squirted his Loccitane lotion (have to lah, kulit kering & gatal), put my handbag in the drawer and even flipped thru his desk calendar. Guess what I discovered.
A bit blur lah pulak
He marked my sweet. was obvious he likes to remember people's birthday looking from many names jotted on the calendar. But to be included in the list, I'm truly honored. I did posted previously about getting a macaron for my birthday. Yep, it was from him :)
Now I feel guilty not knowing his birthday. Pls note I only remember my parents', family's and sibling's. Hmmm..but I need to check this one out.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

2013 First Day of Ramadhan - Fasting report

How was it? Surprisingly fine! I was majorly worried about fasting at this stage of pregnancy especially being  more tired as compared to other pregnancies plus numerous almost balck-out moments.
So, how did I managed it :
Day 1. Pregnancy 27 weeks.
Sahur at 5am with kurma sebijik and warm susu kambing (Hi-Goat) spiked with milo.
Ate bubur lambuk (hubby's fav and must have) with generous sprinkling of bawang goreng (mbak's specialty, maybe I'll post about this)
Ate a quarter of roti nan & chicken tandoori, bought yesterday, takut kempunan
Ate a slice of whole grain bread (Gardenia with sunflower seed) with scrambled eggs
Slept for 45mins-1hr before preparing to go to work. I had to heap 3 pillows and reclined sideways, takut sebu tekak.

Alhamdulillah, half of the morning I felt full, ke sebab perut dah sempit ke, wallahu'alam. Around lunch time, started to feel 'perut sejuk mintak diisi' :) Other than that, nothing dramatic happened. The evening, biasalah, sleepy time..particularly around 3-4pm. We rushed back around 430pm and arrived around 530pm. Yey, solat asar awal you..kat rumah lagi tuh! Jarang2 ni.

I did my asar prayer and read few pages of surah an-Nisaa' and its translation (fening baca ni mak oiii...), skipping the complex and confusing parts (segala yg lemah itu dtg dpd hamba2 Allah). Then got 30mins before breaking of fast and I tried to catnap, tapi susah la pulak sebab Huda dok mengendeng. Hubby pulak yg berjaya tidoq.

Breaking of fast finally came. We had yesterday's blackpepper chicken, tandoori leftover, sayur buncis and kentang masak bercili. Oh yes, tembikai & mangga (rainbow type). Bestnya! It's a testimony that I can puasa penuh. I drank like half mug of ribena. Then before going for maghrib prayer, drank another half mug of warm milo. Terlelap masa tunggu isya', langsung tidor until hubby came back from his tarawikh at a surau close by. That was about 1020pm.

Before I went to bed (tak isya' pun lagi...nak make sure budak2 tido dulu), I had a small bowl of wholegrain cereal with low fat milk and another half mug of milo. Haisshhh...memang perut dah sempit lah. Tak boleh muat byk2. Gone to bed around 1045. Around 130am I got up, did my isya' and tarawikh prayers.

So far, so good. Today, I plan to take kurma during breaking of fast, drink half a mug and do my maghrib prayer first. Then only eat and tido lah ngantuk. Bangun around 10ish to have some food and do isya'/tarawikh prayers before going to bed. Let's see how lah.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Celebrity runner blogs

I stalk a lot of runner blogs. During the initial stage of my sudden rush of excitement into world of running, I totally devoured these blogs. That was around mid of last year. I spent like 1-2 hours daily searching, reading and fantasizing while reading them. Back then, FM was unthinkable, not doable. But thanks to these blogs, I discover myself and get to know my own capability.
2KM power walks turned into 4 then 5KM power walks. Power walks turned into run/walks. Once I reached 5KM run/walk, I started to venture into 7KM, then 10KM. If I were to go back to the past, telling my younger self that I would be running a 10K event, I would have laughed it off !
Anyway, back to the topic. Nowadays, naturally I frequent the blogs which are updated quite often. Tristupe's - full of technical details. Kak Tiffa/ Jamie Pang - both like to, to say this..get philosophical? The former likes to look inward (self reflection, soul searching) and the later likes to look outward (society, life). The light ones are like Lina/Nannoor's. And Fairy's - her blog can be an article/short story in magazines mah, well written.
Once in a while, I would drop a comment in their blogs and got giddy when they responded (wakakakaka!).

Sembang2 dgn celebrity runner :)
Thank you to all of you lah. You guys are really inspiring. Running angels :)

Monday, July 8, 2013

The day before Ramadhan

My search for cinnamon roll still on. So far, dah jenguk MyMesra, Cake Sense, Roti Boy, Dome, San Fran. Mengecewakan..except San Fran ada la cinnamon roll. Tapi besar bapakkk! Sebesar pinggan layan (serving plate) ! Ni makan 1 hari sure muak/ tak habis, pehtu kang tak pasal2 sworn off cinnamon roll for months. Where have all the cinnamon roll outlets gone too. We used to have St Cinnamon, Cinnabon. Dah jadi endangered species ke, or dah extinct?
My love for cinnamon rolls started when I was in menengah rendah. Remember White Castle? Cinnamon rolls were sold there. Murah je kut, I think MR0.50 per piece? We had school outing every 2 weeks and I would look forward to this outing whereby we would stop by White Castle and buy a piece.

Time2 tu, spending additional RM0.50 kira an indulgence. Yelah, nak beli toilettries lah, stationaries lah, meal during outing. Budget kena control beb.
There's another 2 stops to be made. King's confectionery and Isetan's Sun Moulin. Oh yes, kalau by habis kerja the huge cinnamon roll kat San Fran tak lenyap, I'll buy it lah.

17 July 2013
A few days ago, I posted in FB, seeking friends feedback on where I can find a good cinnamon roll. And tadaaaa!!
Another pregnant lady friend answered my call of distress. Thanks Yot!! She bought this and brought to the office, passed it to hubby. And she is already 36 weeks. *sigh* larat nak melayan kerenah makcik sorang ni. Dah la hasben dia pun tgh outstation. Alhamdulillah. Murah rezeki aku & baby. God bless Yot. Ehehehe.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Kids :)

Yesterday, Hayaa was at the PC playing games when Huda appeared, waking up from her evening nap. Yg nak tergelak (tahan dalam hati..) masa Hayaa nampak Huda, she said 'Huda!). And both hugged each other. Alolololo...hahahah..terasa gedik I tell you!
Anyway, about baby boy. we are now tgh actively thinking about baby boy's name. Antara calon2 nya :
- Imaduddin (or Imad Addin) - my idea
- Umar abd Aziz - hubby's. I kinda of like Umar since I admired Umar al Khattab - 1 thumb up. But Umar abd Aziz is wayyy tooo longgg. Hubby said he chose Umar not after the 2nd khalifah, but of another great ruler. I did my search and apparently Umar II was the great grandson of Umar al Khattab - 2 thumbs up :).
Rasa nye lah kan...saya memang dah berat ke nama Umar nihh..eheheh..

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Headache 1-2 hari nihh

Tak tahu naper..let's see..apa yg lain :
- Stressed out dgn paper presentation (dah la ke repeat presentation...adoi..)
- Terlupa makan calactate 2 hari
- Too much caffeine & chocolate. Kita amik small size Extreme Mocha SanFran and cadbury mini bar daily
So pagi ni, berazam nak makan prunes lebih sikit plus beli isotonic drink Revive. Awat laaa depa tak boleh buat non-carbonated. Nasib baik tak keras sgt carbonated nye..
Nasik lemak org belanja. Prunes @background
Ni nak puasa dah, I need to be mentally and physically prepared. Need to do some homework, especially on food intake. My target, to take food that release sugar at slow rate ie with low GI (glycemic index).
Post notes : After taking in Revive & making sure my supplementary pills are on track, ok je la pulak.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Kurma nyam nyam

I love kurma. It's sweet yes, but with a glass of plain water, I can layan berbijik2 kurma in one go. Anyway, not all types of kurma I like. In general, I don't like them fresh and juicy and soft. I like them dried, not too chewy. Somehow there's this 1 type of kurma which I don't like - kulit kurma ni selalu tak melekat dgn isi. I cannot remember it's name.
The kurma that I like the most is kurma ajwa (aka kurma nabi since this one is Nabi Muhammad SAW's fav). Then followed by kurma mariami and safawy.
Dried and not so chewy.
Same like Mariami, but I think the isi is thicker.
I usually buy these at Pasar Tani. Seronok tgk mcm2 jenis kurma. Tu yg beria amik gambar. Tapi dia tak jual pulak kurma ajwa hari tu. Mungkin permintaan tak banyak, sebab kurma ajwa memang paling mahalll.
Selamat berpuasa by the way. I aim to puasa juga although dah masuk 3rd trimester. I'm doing a puasa try-out tomorrow (Khamis) and next week Monday. Puasa rase nya start Rabu. Risau jugak ni

15 July 2013
Di kala kami is running low on kurma, ni kira untuk berbuka hari ni memang takde kurma, tiba2 rezeki murah, ada vendor dtg buat presentation and bagi sekotak kurma. Alhamdulillah.
The box stated the dates as Piarum type. Tgk kaler, mcm Mariami. When I googled, Piarum is actually synonymous with Mariami. Woohooo!

26 July 2013
Rupa2nya ada kempen boikot kurma Iran because of Hizbullah support of Syrian regime and Syrian President Bashar Assad. Well, boycott of Iranian products actually but since this is month of Ramdhan, kurma product of Iran yang menjadi fokus. Kebetulan, one of my fav kurma ie kurma mariami is kurma from Iran. Aiseh..Oklah, will not buy anymore tapi those yg kat rumah kena la perabih kan. I shall miss mariami. Ajwah, safawi from now on.