Friday, May 23, 2014

Apple of my eye

Once, many2 years ago, I bought a bag of apples from pasar malam in Kertih. This was during my stint, working in one of the petrochemical plants there. I love the apples so much, I would hunt for them in the pasar malam every time my supply run out.
Then suddenly, my favourite apples were not sold anymore in the pasar malam. I looked for them in the grocery shops and supermarket in Kemaman/Kuantan (time tu, takde supermarket in Kertih..sedey ooo). I did not even know what apple was that...nyesal nyeee. A couple of times, I bought a bunch of them on trial and error. First bite and I knew it was not the apple that I was looking for. Left them rotting in the refrigerator.
I remembered the apple was crunchy from the first bite to the last bit and it was very sweet. The skin was a deep red in colour and the flesh had this surprising off-white colour with a tinge of green. Shape was rounded at the top and narrowing at the bottom, with knobby lobes. Aiseh...sedih tak ketemu sampai sekarang. I shall remember you...sob..sob.
So now, I am taking serious attention to the apple that I am going to eat. Thankfully, I have finally found a new favourite many months ago. Posting about it, so that I will not forget it in future...har har har.
NZ Queen from Mr Apple. I dunno what is 4122, most probably ID number. Okay laaaa. Sweet and crispy. Not exactly the shape like the one before, but passable lah in term of taste. It helps that the apples nowadays come with sticky tag, tak macam dulu...mana ada tag2 ni. tu yang gagal meng identify apple dulu tu. 
Terubat rindu kat epal yg dulu.

Monday, May 19, 2014

First beach outing for Umar

Teluk Chempedak, it was during Labour's day holiday. I brought Umar to the beach, just the two of us. Terperanjat2 haaaa anak bujang sorang ni, tiap2 kali ombak datang. First time lah katakan. But after 5 minutes or so, baru laa he could sit still and watched the waves calmly.
It was early, like 730am, tapi dah panas terik and we could not stay out long. Maka baliklah ke bilik hotel...and found the rest of the family still tidoq...ish ish. Susah jugak dukung baby and jalan2 atas pasir nih...

Office-mate's Wedding

Selamat Pengantin Baru ye Anil. Berapa tahun tah bertunang (rasa macam lama je..2? 3?), finally kahwin juga akhirnya. Never before in my life, tersangatlah ramai orang pejabat yang hadir kenduri kahwin. Fofular ke Anil ni harharhar. Agak la kut. Apart from waiting so many years for him to tie the knots, personally I really looked forward to attend this particular wedding. We were promised something different in the wedding banquet since Anil ni set2 Pakistan muslim you. So, I was expecting something culturally different from the typical Malay's wedding.
Masuk2 je dewan, lagu2 Bollywood berkumandang. Lagu Bollywood all the way, syok giler. Not to mention there were so many people wearing traditional Punjab's dress, his relatives and close family friends lah kut. Bak kata Hema (one of my Indian colleague), 'Finally I feel a bit a part of the crowd when attending to you guys nye majlis kahwin'. Budak2 ni pun...haishh...ada jugak siap bershopping baju anarkali.
Food? Uishhhh..terbayang2 lauk Daging Paratel sampai sekarang. Soft, juicy, rich with herbs...sedap lah! Pajeri terung...heheheh..first time jumpa lauk pajeri terung kat kenduri kahwin. My plate was heaped with more lauk than nasi (beriyani), siap go for second round to tambah nasik (and daging paratel...eheheh).
When the bride and groom finally arrived, tak ku sangka la pulak nampak hensem mamat ni. White suits with embroidery and sequins. Tergelak sekejap tengok kasut, putih jugakk. I knew pengantin pompuan, Nabilah tu comei, tapi memang nampak lagi cun lagi dengan sari bagai haaa. Even hasben agreed yg pengantin pompuan cun.
Too bad I could not stay for too long. I wanted to, since Anil promised ada medley ala2 Bollywood. Sempat tgk 1 medley je during arrival of pengantin. Kesian budak2 restless...Umar pun sudah terlentok tidur dalam baby sling. So after menayang2 my face depan meja beradab and making sure Anil saw me, we went home.
Tak berkesempatan pun bergambar dengan pengantin. Oh well...janji datang ek? Semoga perkahwinan berkekalan hingga ke syurga ye Anil & Nabila.
Awat laa Anil ni mencondong ke lain pulak ngehehehe...