Thursday, July 4, 2013

Headache 1-2 hari nihh

Tak tahu naper..let's see..apa yg lain :
- Stressed out dgn paper presentation (dah la ke repeat presentation...adoi..)
- Terlupa makan calactate 2 hari
- Too much caffeine & chocolate. Kita amik small size Extreme Mocha SanFran and cadbury mini bar daily
So pagi ni, berazam nak makan prunes lebih sikit plus beli isotonic drink Revive. Awat laaa depa tak boleh buat non-carbonated. Nasib baik tak keras sgt carbonated nye..
Nasik lemak org belanja. Prunes @background
Ni nak puasa dah, I need to be mentally and physically prepared. Need to do some homework, especially on food intake. My target, to take food that release sugar at slow rate ie with low GI (glycemic index).
Post notes : After taking in Revive & making sure my supplementary pills are on track, ok je la pulak.

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