Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My gynae was attacked by robbers..gawd

oh dear..oh dear. Doc Delaila kena samun pagi buta semalam, in front of her poliklinik in SS19. The robbers were armed with parang and her left thumb was chopped off. Jahaaaaattt!
Yesterday in fact, we heard of this 8 am news on the radio while driving to work. Our interest and sympathy was piqued but when the newscaster mentioned SS19, we perked up even more since it was close to mak's house. Never did it cross our mind it was Delaila. At 8.17am (phone log), I got a call from Delaila's clinic. Devaghi the nurse informed me that Delaila is on emergency leave until October and advised to arrange my checkup with another doctor. I still did not to put two and two together. My thought at that time, 'how come you can have an emergency leave until October'. Since I had a blood test scheduled this weekend, I thought to ask further question to Devaghi and ascertain if Delaila can still deliver my baby in October. But when I was in the office, my colleague gave me the link to the news above on TheStar web and she said it was Delaila and I went....oh my god..
Today, she was the front news in theSun ( Apparently she had undergone thumb reattachment surgery. I pray for her recovery, I believe for a specialist to loose his/ her fingers will be devastating. Additionally, feeling selfish as well, I pray for her recovery to be in time. Tapi since buat reattachment ni, I don't think she will be normalized (insyaAllah) in time.
I wish her fast recovery. And hope she maintains her hand/thumb functionality.
So now, I'm making enquiries about other gynaes. SDMC has another muslim lady gynae Dato' Dr Siti. Hmmmm...ramai patient lah dia ni. And I'm sure there'll be an influx of Delaila's patient into her clinic. My inclination now is Dr Seri Suniza in PCMC. Quite a number of ppl in my organization opted for PCMC and we were even ridiculed once/ twice of not opting PCMC. Perhaps, we can this an opportunity to chose PCMC. Nothing is finalized yet, am still doing enquiries.
Well, my plan now is to continue doing the blood test in SDMC. Check with Devaghi on the possibility of Delaila's full recovery by early Oct. If full recovery is not possible by Oct, I will then seriously courting another gynae.

31 July
2 youths were charged with robbery and causing grievous injury. Both are in early 20s. Apa laa budak2 mentah ni. Dah merompak, pergi enjoy habuan kat Penang. So shallow. Apparently information about the robbers was tipped by one of the family relatives. If found guilty, the maximum punishment would be 20 years prison and canning. You are wasting your life bros..
Pasal Dr Delaila, she's recovering and thumb reattachment was successful. Cuma tak tahu lagi whether the reattached thumb can get back its original functionality. Hope for the best la.

3rd Aug
While doing my med checkup, sempat tanya Doc Siti about Delaila's well-being. Apparently she's still in hospital. Poor doc. Sempat jugak Doc Siti remarked that she'll be monitoring me an dhopefully Delaila will recover in time for my delivery..berdetik jugak la dalam hati ni..diaorg ni in denial ke haper. Lama kut nak tunggu thumb tu recover? I don't think she (her thumb lah) can recover that fast.

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