Thursday, June 27, 2013

Huda and her eyelid problem

 Huda ni..eyelid memang problem. Tiap2 tahun, mesti jadi ketumbit. None of us are afflicted with kind of problem, even Hayaa. Well, I do have once in a while but mine is like a pinhead size of white thingy that usually sits on the border of the lid (usually happened when I'm stressed/ tired).

See the ketumbit on her right eye, lower lid. Aug2012 on plane nak pi tgk London Olympic 2012.
Ketumbit got a bit better few days later. @London, tunggu Hop-On, Hop-Off bus.
This time around, the whole eyelid kemerah2an. Sembab dua2 kelopak mata. Search of the net describes the condition as blepharitis. From the description, seems to be a minor inconvenience, not curable except only with hygiene care of the eye and eyelid. What worrying might be an indication of eyelid skin cancer. Aduiii..
'Early detection is essential, but may be difficult because eyelid tumors often grow under the skin for years before presenting on the surface. Early warning signs include:
  • a lump or bump that frequently bleeds or does not disappear 

  • persistent red eye or inflammation of the eyelids that does not respond to medication 
  • newly acquired flat or elevated pigmented lesions that have irregular borders and growth
  • unexplained loss of eyelashes
  • source :'
    I'm ruling out first bullet sebab the ketumbit did disappear plus kalau berdarah pun, masa ketumbit tu betul2 tgh besar. Lps berdarah, mesti surut. Second bullet, this one time mata dia macam peachy sikit itu pun 1-2 dah hilang, not persistent. Inflammation of lid ni nak kena monitor.
    I'm applying ointment. Let's see how it goes. Ni pun nak kena bersungguh sikit buat sebab si kenit ni dok kejip mata beria benar everytime I applied the ointment, takut tak berapa nak kena ointment tu to the inflamed area.
    So far, no evidence of bullet 3&4. I'm watching out.

    28 May 2014
    Earlier this year, a new eye problem afflicted Huda. Her eyelids were swollen for a few days. Then, we noticed she would squint her eyes when talking to us. She would keep her head down if we walked outside of home. The worst, she would cry when waking up, refusing to open her eyes, even walked with her arms flailing around (coz she would walk with her eyes closed).
    We decided to bring her to Pediatric Ophthalmologist in Tun Hussein Onn eye hospital. The verdict - Huda got Blepharitis. It's a common eye disease and not so serious. She got well about a month after that.
    Now, her ketumbit muncul kembali...haishhh...we decided only to bring her back to the eye hospital if her light sensitivity issue crop up.

    Wednesday, June 26, 2013

    Klebang Original Coconut Shake

    Sedaaaaapppp you...termimpi2. Dah le tengah suka makan benda manis2 at this stage. Ya Allah, janganlah pulak aku dapat gestational diabetes. Patutnya nak chk for glucose during next doc's visit.
    I had the pleasure of slurping this marvelous shake (RM3.5/cup) during a biz trip (daytrip) to Melaka dgn my office mate Mdm Suri. Suri lah yg memperkenalkan den dgn shake ni. Kita takde la heran sgt, tapi kalau dah makcik ni dok sebut2 the day before the trip, dok sebut lagi at the start of the trip, again dok sebut masa mtg dah abih, ok laaahh. My curiousity already piqued.
    The kedai itself. Kena masuk dalam sikit. Dia ada gerai kecik sikit, betul2 tepi main road.
    Bila dah pekena...uihhhh..memang berbaloi2. Cool, sweet, slushy, creamy (vanilla ice-cream hokay), with small bits of isi kelapa yg lembut itu. Auuuuu...I feel good (jiggy dance).
    Teringat2 punya pasal, masa kat Salak Tinggi, saw an advert for coconut shake. Sampai kat gerai....gerai kosong?! Sumpah seranah all the way balik ke rumah my mom. Kebetulan masa balik Perodua Race last week, about to lalu the same gerai. Masih bengang dgn first trip, merungut2 citer kat Acai yg tengah drive kereta. Ada rezeki la pulak, gerai open. Hehehhe..singgah la. Apa lagi. Beli sampai 7 cawan (RM3/cup), bagi separuh tu anak2 Acai.
    The taste, boleh laaa nak lepas gian. A bit less than Klebang punya. Less creamy, less sweet. Isi kelapa pun mcm tak berapa muda. Like I said, nak lepas gian ok la. Lain kali lalu Klebang, must stop and buy.

    New company's laptop

    Finally! Got a new one. Sleeker and lighter, although dah takde CD-rom. Tak kisahla labu. Everything is using thumbdrive/ hard drive nowadays. I hate my current laptop (which I'm using at this exact moment, writing this blog). Asyik hang lah and paling screen. Grrr..
    So far takde lagi dgr org merungut psl this new laptop.
    Tak setat pakai lagi, tak tau admin password kakakaka. Tunggu IT configure.

    Hayaa's Art Studio

    I would not say she draws or colors very well. But she has some creativity in presenting her artwork. Last time, she had an art gallery created out ouf a corner of our bedroom. This time around, she had an art studio la pulak out of our bedroom door. Macam2. Suka betul hubby dgn anak dara dia nye creativity.
    Siap ada door sign 'Close/Open. Gelap sikit, snap night time

    Lekat kat pintu pakai UHU. Noticed the botol susu? Huda pun nak nyibuk begambo
    Close-up photo of her so called art work.

    Kononnya center piece..kekeke

     Maybe I should consider sending her to art class? Not the conventional art class. The creative, self-expression, modern art class. Ada ke? Hmmm..maybe she can go into art gallery management thingy bila besar nanti. Is there such a thing?

    Tuesday, June 25, 2013

    Magazines shopping

    Planning my budget and tracking my expenses is something that I've done for 5 years. Books buying has somewhat reduced these few years..don't have time to read it. Hayaa' just entered her Drj 1 and book expenses on her is not so much. Huda, heheheh...sian, reuse her sis's books lah. So I find myself resorting to buying magazines.
    This morning, I walked in mynews and decided to buy the latest Personal Money mag, my fav mag. And thought, hey..why not splurge a bit. My book budget is under-utilized anyway. So got myself three mags.
    Hijab, Personal Money & Runner's
    I'm a frequent reader of PM. Runner's, I will buy once in a while, especially if the topic caught my interest. This time around I bought it because I miss running so much especially after the merry Perodua Race event last week (jeles tak habih lagi tgk depa2 tuh lari 15K). gara2 meneman Sera masuk kedai Guylin (? betoi ke heja..) an outlet selling tudung in Alamanda.
    I've been wearing bawal/ cotton scarf, never had the intention to resort to fancy schmancy tudung. Byk keje lah nak memikir kaler, meng arrange tudung. Lagi satu, susah kot nak match 1 fancy schmancy scarf for several attires. However, raya is coming up and my attire will be limited to clothing to suit my already advanced pregnancy. By raya, I'll be like 8 months preggy.
    So, hmmm...I might do fancy scarf, for raya only lah. Must do homework. Hijab magazine, as a start.

    At Ben's ngap ngap

    My reason to dine out at Ben's KLCC was one and only one. To have the Toffee Dates Pudding (aka sticky date pudding) with caramel and vanilla ice-cream (salivating..). Still salivating. Because dah habis ! Huwaaa!! I got there around 8pm. Guess benda tu jadi permintaan ramai. Huh, lain kali kena pegi time lunch lah.
    Ben's ni ada entertainment card on its table. Tak try pulak. Lagi syok baca watsapp.
    Frust lah jugak. Tapi nasib baik I came mentally prepared ie already decided on 2nd & third choice kalau habih benda alah tu. So I settled for Rocky Road cake. Nasib baik sedaaap. Kalau tidak, memang throw tantrum + meroyan cikkak preggy 6 bulan nih.
    The cake was delicious, chocolatey & cool. Got some peanut butter layer & foundation.
    Kita makan half je of the marshmallow tu.
    For dinner, I had a morroccan lamb pie. Besar betul pie tuh. Emmm...lamb was spicey and exotic tasting cuma tak kena citarasa kut. Sedap la but something that I will not repeat. Hubby had a lamb rack. Katernya mcm tak berapa tasty so I did not bother merasa.
    For me. Side salad was nice. Oh yes. Order gak salad for appetizer. Balsamic chicken something. Dah mkn baru tingat nak snap.
    Oh well..takde rezeki makan toffee date pudding. Lain kali lah ye.

    Sunday, June 23, 2013

    Perodua Race for A Cause - a 'family gathering' sort of

    Yesterday some of us ran the race, some of us walk the race, some of us run/walk the race. Hehehe..When me & hubby went for this kind of event, it was usually just the 2 of us. Occasionally we would go together or meet up with hubby's niece, Sarah. Three is a crowd and so this time around, the crown got biggger woooohoo!
    This time we were joined by most of Abg Tam's clan - Sarah (of course), Ucop, Usin, Te'Ah and Ucop's fiance Rock (nama manja yg keras gitu), also by Dec13 Kinabalu team - Yat, Bedeng & Acai. Since I planned to walk all the way, managed to use this excuse to 'brainwash' Zeti (Bedeng's mdm) into joining me for the walk as well. Kui..kui..kui..Kudos to Zeti and Ucop, first timer in any distance walking event. Usin, Te'Ah & Rock run/walked the 5KM. The rest, did the 15KM (clap..!) by run walking except Yat kut who ran all the way non-stop (clap..clap!). She finished in 1hr20mins (swoon...).
    I've done this route, like, 3 times already..'yawn'
    We braved the hazy day with face mask distributed by organizer. Thankfully the haze only got worse around 930-10am. Hubby arrived last...hehehe..almost 10am. Few minutes after he arrived, organizer already peeled of the detector mat for the running chip. peluang la...I was a bit worried jugak for him. Since he just got back from Rio (26 hrs flight u know! gasp..) and touched down 4pm Saturday. Jet lag nye..pukul 5 pagi dah kena bangun since we carpooled with Acai and met up with Yat/ Bedeng/Zeti at Masjid Sultan Mizan.
    All in all, it was a very merry gathering. Kena buat lagi ni..and really looking fwd in future with me running pulak. Lambat lagi le tu..mau end of Q1 2014.
    Top L-R : Ah, Rock, Te'Ah, Ucop, me, Yat, Zeti
    Bottom L-R : Acai, Hubby, Usin, Bedeng (hmm..11 of us heh?)
    Oh yes. Sangat gembira sebab suka tgk Zeti galok. Keh..keh..keh. Walker's high sat minah tu lepas we reached the finish point. Dah le dia tak tau dpt medal & cert. Siap tukar letak watsapp photo pakai gamabr finisher medal. Hmmm..reminds me of my earlier 'high' when I run the MCIS 5K fun run, was it last year? Ye laaa..mid last year.

    Sunday, June 16, 2013

    Just a small slip & pelvic pain kicks in

    Small slip yesterday at petronas surau. Slippery floor. Tak jatuh but the hip/ pelvic joints mcm tersentap ke haper masa menahan dpd jatuh. Lepas tuuu...sakit aa at the point where my right thigh bone connects to hip joint. Waddling jugak la. Sib baik keta tk jauh from surau. Kat rumah, was annoyed laa with the pain to move here & there.
    But at night, had problem finding comfortable position. There was pain. Mlm2 terjaga coz lenguh maintaining same painless position.
    So today, decide to take EL. Tgk la ptg2, dah kurang pain, plan to apply MC.

    Thursday, June 13, 2013

    Weekly indulgence

    I've been indulging myself with coffee/ caffeinated drink 1-2 times a week, walaupun my obgyn tak bagi. I did tahan not to take coffee or caffeinated drink when I was pregnant with Hayaa and Huda. Tapi this time...cannot tahan one. After some googling, the general advice was, not to exceed 2 cups of coffee a day. Alahhh...ok la tu. But still I limit myself jugak la. Tu yg minum 1-2 kali je seminggu. Earlier, I took kopi tarik @ mamak or kopi susu @ kopitiam (ni dalam RM2-3 je). Tetapi...isk..isk..gara2 diperkenalkan oleh opis2 mate, I got a new and more expensive option (>RM15 arr..arr.arr).
    Addicted dah pun...
    I'm a fan of mocha drinks. Before, I would go for Ultimate Mocha or Blackforrest Mocha from Coffee Bean. San Fran's one, is special since it adds a scoop of store-made chocolate ice-cream, nyumm nyumm. Maybe I should try ice blended mocha in other coffee outlet. Byk option nih Starbuck nye ice blended mocha. Time to explore..yeahhhhzzaa!

    Reunion after 14 years - USMKCP'99 Sch of Chem Eng

    About a month ago, three of us thought of getting together thru FB. Since then few others voiced their interest to join. Whatsapp group was formed, madam only laaa..hehehe, there were not many guys in our batch. So last weekend, we met up in one of the friend's house. Woohoo!
    Ten of us, generally maintain gituu..kakaka
    Most of us were married to USM peeps too. While the madams yapping inside the house, the hubbies were hanging out on the porch bersembang2. Dalam ramai2 tu, I think Aini's & Ama's hubby je 'outsider' Hehehe...sorryy for the term.
    Guys bergebang di porch
    Syok gilerr..naturally we catched up stories, the camaraderie is still strong even though 14 years has lapsed. Ada jugak la few moments (for me) that I felt funny. Especially when we talked about our kids and their schooling. 2 of us actually have teen kids so we talked about handling puberty issues...ohohohoho! Sapa sangka noh. I would have laughed so hard if somebody told me back in uni time that in future, this would be the scenario.
    Yesterday, we had a mini gathering. This time, I reunited with my ex-house mate who's also my uni batch. Kebetulan she had a meeting in KLCC (flew in from east coast) and had free time in from lunch onwards. Cik Zai pun join jugak since both have not seen each other since graduation.
    House-mate when I was working in east coast
     Rezeki den, orang jauh belanja...kakaka. I purposely picked out the location since it was quite some time since I had Fish Florentine for lunch. Thanks Na! Walaupun itu company nye meal allowance....kekekeke.
    Makan2 kat Cozy Corner, Ampang Park
    Hahh...hopefully more gathering will be in the pipeline. I am already planning an aqiqah for this baby and definitely will be inviting them all.

    Thursday, June 6, 2013

    Salt and Hypertension

    Ni gara2 nak menolong mbak control her high BP. I frankly admit that my drive is purely selfish. My primary concern for her well-being is directly related to my need to have her healthy in taking care of my kids. Lagi2 nak datang lagi sorang baby nih. Uihhhh...risau la kalau jadi apa2 kat kids kalau tiba2 dia kena penangan HBP (na'uzubillah). Contoh, kut rasa nak pengsan masa tgh dukung budak ke. Dia collapse and kita nak kena jaga dia pulak. Or even having to send her back (oh tidak...) sebab dah tak sihat sangat ke.
    I started by checking the salt that I've been using.
    Few months ago, I went to Lyon and bought packs of fleur de sal - boutique sea salt from France. I gave Win a pack, and he reciprocated by buying me a common table salt when he was in Brussels (?)..duhh. Penat je bagi dia. Kita bagi, ingatkan dia appreciate le boutique salt since lately mcm tunjuk minat nak masak2. Appreciate the thot but rasa lawak la jugak...
    So I browsed about the differences between table salt, sea salt and rock salt (garam bukit). Conclusion, all contain more or less the same amount of sodium (>90%), with the exception of table salt which may contain less of other minerals due to processing and refining. Sea salt and rock salt still contain other minerals. And I found about the recommended low sodium salt (~60% sodium), cth brand LoSalt. Nak kena cari ni.
    From left : garam laut from France, garam bukit Halagel and LoSalt from UK
    Of course, the easiest and best method is to cut down processed food and salt. Lepas tu berdetik nak check Maggi Secukup Rasa. Mbak suka sangat pakai benda ni. I dunno from whom she pick this cooking habit. Mama ke? Lo and behold, it contains sodium and MSG you...haaaa..salah satu penyebab migraine which mbak is commonly afflicted with.
    That's it. I am officially banning this in my house.
    So far, my BP is ok. Syed's too. But I want to age gracefully. No serious illness please. It has to start from now, lagi2 tengah sihat walafiat nih.

    Tuesday, June 4, 2013

    It's a boy (T_T) happy tears..

    28th May PM at SDMC Subang Jaya. Got an appointment for detail imaging. I felt nervous for 2 reasons. One. We really want a baby boy this time, with Hayaa' and Huda already in tow. Last visit (about 4 weeks ago), doc gave a teaser saying maybe it's a boy but she's not sure. Ishhhh...doc ni punn. But somehow, I dunno, maternal instinct? I do feel that this time it's a boy.
    First trimester, ugghh..I've never felt this terrible - fatigue, dizzyness and many moments of almost black-out. Not to mention overly sensitive to smell. Yeoww! How many times I had to send my towels for washing sebab melekat bau masak. And berapa kali naik hangin everytime bedroom door was opened while mbak was cooking. Honestly, many times, berdetik jugak la dalam hati..'I hate being pregnant this time.' Baby, jgn kecik hati...I do not hate you tau. I just hate how my body/ system undergoing the changes.
    Back to the reasons. Two. It's detail imaging. Many things going to be checked with regards to baby's internals and formation. Last visit, the doc did not comment much and it did give me some misgivings. Dah la amik my blood samples for Down Syndrome check and no news at all on this. Which I expects my risk number is higher than that during my time with Huda.
    Imaging time. may medical jargon, defects, deformations spewed from doc's mouth but bay is normal. Legaaa. No signs of : hunchback, Down syndrome, lips split cleft (betoi ka term ni), dwarfism. Clear 4 heart chambers, clear diaphragm to prevent stomach encroaching into lung capacity, clear left/right brain demarcation, sufficient amount of fluid in brain and amniotic fluid.
    Dah habih sumer2 tu, masa untuk melihat baby nye gender. Heheheh..doc dah lama nampak & tau girl ke boy. Punya lah pueh dia meng adjust image tu so that we can see. Boleh pulak dia pelik kitaorg tak nampak. Kakaka..Cmon la doc..kitaorg bukannya tgk image2 ni hari2. I even patted my stomach to nudge the baby around, which the baby did move a bit. Last2, nampak laaa...kakakaka..the notorius bird.
    Baby : 'Aiyoh, aku tak kuar lagi, org dah tgk my bird'
    So, alhamdulillah. 2 kerisauan dah di settlekan. Sujud syukur den masa solat lepas check-up tu. Hubby pun tanya, 'Nak tutup kedai kerr? Tak payah boleh kawin lain ni kalau nak tutup kedai.' Piangggg!!?? Mamat nih. My answer was, tanya sekarang, nak tutup la. Tgk dulu camner..Hihihi

    Sunday, June 2, 2013

    Mines Charity Run that we walked eheheh

    Yey! Done another running event ( walking) and this time it's 5KM. Registered for the run since the cut-off time is very generous; flag-off 730am and officially ends at 930am. 2hours you! Very genereous indeed especially for a walking pregnant lady like me heh!
    Oh yes, by the way I am now 5mths 1 wk preggy. And got medal some more. That goes without saying, I am still in medal hoarding mode. No medal, no sign-up. I can do without timing, this boleh track sendiri.
    Just like Milo Bfast run, hubby always by my side..tq..sob sob
    I thought it was a walk in the park, since 5KM kann. WRONG! It's a practice of mine actually to chart the running route before the event itself. So that I can prepare myself metally of any hills rather than be demoralized and lemah semangat when faced with the hills. This time, silap laa tak buat. Konon confident 5KM tu kacang.
    Tgk laa elevation dia...huhuu.. Padan muka. Lain kali, check ye!
    So, next event I'm joining is the fun run in Perodua Race for a Cause, which of course I will walk lah. It's going to be in Putrajaya. I've walked twice in a charity event using PJ route. Kalau organizer follows the typical route, then I already have the record on the chart and elevation.
    It's going to be a merry one. Ramai x-USMKCP is joining.
    Hmmm...I need to check what's the cut-off time. Got medal tapi tak ingat lak pasal cut-off time.