Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Huda's Toilet training

Today is the 4th day. Miserable first and second day. Bibik la miserable ahahaha. Dia yang kena mop lantai. Bersungguh betul makcik tu nak toilet-train Huda. 2-3 months ago Bibik asked me about Huda going to tadika (next year?) and I told her not until she is out of diapers.
First day, Huda wet her pants like 5 times? Same on second day. Luckily she consistently did it in the hall and waddled to us after she did her business. Senang for both me & bibik then mencari2 la the wet spot. The thing is, everytime we put her on the toilet seat, nothing happened and we did this hourly. On some occasions, she would wet herself few minutes just after the toilet visit.
Third time is a charm and third day was a dry day. I put Huda on the toilet seat and gave her ipad so that she could bear with a longer seating. It worked! Tak lama mana pun, 10 mins? My theory, Huda actually is not aware/understand the wee-wee feeling/ condition/ situation. Subsequent visits to toilet gave splashing results ehehe. .
Today, Huda woke up with a dry diapers and Bibik told me byk jugak la dia wee wee time mandi pagi. Hmmm..very promising.
p/s : As long as we keep sending her to the loo, there will be no incident. Twice she wee-wee upstairs and both me and bibik spent most of times downstairs. Night diapers has been consistently dry.

21 Dec
Wee wee dah sangat ok, except maybe when we totally forgot to remind her and she's totally occupied doing something or when she's stressed (ie gaduh besar dgn kakak...).
The poo-poo is another story. Haishhh...this one is really tough. For many weeks, she did it in her pants. Thankfully, everytime she did it, it would be dry sebab dah pandai tahan wee wee. She would only let us know 'after' lah or we would notice due to the not so nice smell lah. Eventually we figured it out that she knows poo goes to toilet but simply does not comprehend that poo-ing itself (sorry, TMI..) must be done while seated on a toilet.
What we did? Demo laaaa...har har har...tak payah la go into details eh. Results? Promising. No accident so far.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A gift from a friend - book on Susu ibu

Recently I posted in FB that I've been bottle feeding my LO with EBM. Yep, direct BF was unsuccessful due to slow letdown and Umar's impatience was not helping. A friend heard the hidden distress call and posted me a book, as a gift. Jarang ibu baru dpt gift ye tak? Selalu org bagi hadiah to the baby.
Thanks Leen! The author is her SIL.
I was too hung up on preparation for delivery, and paid less attention to breastfeeding preparation. I prayed a lot for healthy pregnancy and healthy baby, for smooth delivery and fast recovery. I forgot to pray about BF. So, will be reading this book. Like I mentioned to my FB friend - tak surrender lg to direct BF. It's a strategic retreat, will re-attemp once letdown and milk supply is sufficient. For now, kita pump dulu!

8 Nov 2013
Going into 5th week now. Let's see the progress so far. Still feeding Umar with formula - 3rd tin now, have to buy 4th tin soon (konon nak target full BF by 2nd tin formula - uhuhuk tak dapek). However, BF is taking center stage ie only give formula if Umar still hungry post BF. Got faster letdown, last time macam jenuh nak nunggu letdown. On average, once bottle feed formula midday and once/twice before nap. Once in a while je feed EBM (kalau tgh mlm Umar tak bgn so I'll pump). Now need to tackle milk production. Still low and have to make sure Umar is not that hungry when BF. Kalu idak, frenzy2 marah2 awang tu.
So for the mission to increase milk production. Took fenugreek last Saturday ie half TSP for the whole day. Mmm...gassy and minor stomach cramp. So I stopped fenugreek today. Been taking oats like 2-3 TBSP a day, plan to increase the amount. Will re-attemp fenugreek maybe in few days time.
And yes, makan lebih sikit, minum air byk sikit, minum susu jugak.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Arrival of newest family member

Nama dia Umar...ehehe. It's been 2 weeks plus since the speedy (no joke...) arrival of our first boy on 6th Oct. How speedy? The estimated delivery date was 9th Oct. So Umar arrived 3 days early. Hayaa was 2 weeks late and Huda was 1 and a half weeks late. I thought this one would arrive late as well. Wrong !
On Sunday 6th, manageable contractions were already occurring every hour, it started around 10am (early labor). Water broke around 4pm followed by excruciating labor pain. Emmm..we were at home eheh eheh (lame laugh..). Hubby rushed to car with the hospital bag and I could only grab my tudung, wearing kaftan. Tak larat tukar baju dah pun. The amniotic fluid kept gushing out.
By the time I got into the car, hubby glanced at the time, it was 412pm. I did not know what time we arrived to the hospital. I managed to gasped to hubby to go straight to Emergency, could not walk anymore. The urge to push was already there...Tuhan je tau betapa seksanya nak menahan the urge to meneran in the car. And hubby pegi langgar je bumper2 jalan, panik nye pasal, lagiiii la rasa macam nak terkeluaq.
From emergency, they transferred me to Labor room. I was already at 10cm opening. Sapa tah hulur the mouthpiece for the laughing gas (Entonox) which I gladly took. Dr Siti kebetulan was visiting her mom somewhere nearby and arrived just in time for the delivery - staff nurse dah standby to do the delivery herself if the Doc did not arrive in time. 5.04pm Umar arrived. Speedy huh? Hubby managed to call MIL and my mom during the panicky drive and imagined their surprised receiving another call soon after about the delivery.
Byk nye pink - hand me down from kakak2 dia
Ini lah gara2 tak nak kena induce and prevent episiotomy. I decided to wait out at home until the 'golden rule contraction' - contraction every 5 minutes, lasts for 1 minute, for duration of 1 hour - which I did not experience. Mine was like 3-4 contractions in 15 mins then nothing for 45 mins, happened from 10am to 3pm. Tak sangka la pulak after air ketuban pecah tu at 4pm, active labornye sekejap sangat. Welll...I got what I wished for, was not induced and no epi/ tearing weeheehee.
Now, recovery was definitely faster compared to Hayaa's and Huda's time. I'm not on crutches since mid last week although once in a while the pain in the pelvic surfaced if I walk too fast or sit/ lie down asymmetrically. Still going through the sleepless night uhuhhuuhu..tabaahh.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

False Alarm :D kakakaka

Agak tersentap during one of my visit to the bilik air weekend baru2 ni. The reason? Pinkish panty liner (too much info?). Adakah turun darah, bloody show? At that time, we had sedara mara visiting and they were about to make their move, depa dah nak balik. So had to keep cool. Salam2, babai2...then only I told hubby about it. Hubby dah macam saspen but since there were no other labor signs, kita rilek jee.
Went back to the bilik air to have a look again at the liner. Hmmm..oleh kerana mentol bilik air tu kuning, I took it into our bedroom (mentol putih). Under the white lighting, saw that the pink color was....a bit off. Baru lah teringat. Huda spilled air sirap earlier, my pants basah lah sikit. Tapi malas punya pasal nak naik tangga ke bilik and tukar (badan berat...), I just pat and let the pants dry. Hohohoho. Air sirap beb...air sirap.
Nasib baik tak lari pegi hospital. Dah la takde contraction bagai. Braxton hicks ada laa 4-5 kali sehari. Dah 39 weeks ni, mau kena induce tak pasal2.