Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas and Snow

Christmas brought back the memory of our trip to Chamonix, France end of last year. I was out-stationed in Lyon for 1 month plus and took the opportunity during weekend to jalan2. That was the first time I experienced snow. Well, Lyon ada la snow but it was nothing much ie the flakes were too tiny and turned to water when it landed on any surface. But Chamonix? And it was a lotttt of snow.
Macam tak real je snow kat roof tu...but it was real.

Husband and I was giddy, on the way, all the way, macam budak2. Frankly, we did not expect snow. We were planning to take the cable car to any of the peaks to catch a view of snow capped Mont Blanc. Rezeki murah, the night before our daytrip, it snowed heavily in Chamonix weeeheehehe.
Being ill-prepared, I did not bring any gloves. Had to buy them in one of the shops. The glove in the photo above, I noticed lateeeerrr that it was pig skin. Pakai je dulu, buang later, samak dengan sabun taharah. Shoes? I worn my Brooks Pure Connect yg berlubang2 tu. Woooo...pedih jari2 kaki. Sejukkk.
Hayaa dok sibuk nak ke negara yang ada winter and snow. We explained to her that we need to save a lot of money first for accommodation, flight tickets etc. We never showed her the Chamonix photo hahahaha..nanti lagi kecoh dia dok menanye.
Enjoying the view at Lognan ski area

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Favourite Pacer

Not the running type of pacer. The writing type. Papermate Pacer which I used when I was in primary school. Punyalah suka pensil picit ni. Tiap2 kali hilang je, jenuh kumpul duit belanja and beli lagi. My mom gave me the first one. I think I've bought them like 2-3 times? 4? Tak pandai jaga barang eheheh.

Few days ago I walked past Faber Castell booth in KLCC and a mechanical pencil caught my interest, hence the sudden trip down to memory lane about the Pacer mechanical pencil.
Kalau terjumpa this pencil for sale online, I plan to pick it up. Nostalgia la pulak.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Road tax mati..dah dua bulan..eeep!

I normally do the renewing of our cars' road tax, since hubby is in charge of servicing, car washing etc. Tak perasan lah pulak road tax dah mati which happened few days after I delivered Umar. Sendiri tak perasan, hubby pun tak perasan. Went to Pos Malaysia in bandar salak tinggi, the closest one to mum's house (still in balik kampung duration).
Nak dijadikan cerita...the already dead roadtax was only for 6 month (May-Oct13) sebab hubby konon nya nak jual kereta tu, tapi tak terjual2 pun sampai sekarang. 1 year car insurance policy (May13-Apr14) sebab tak boleh la pulak nak ambik 6mth policy. Oleh kerana sekarang sudah Dec and Apr14 insurance expires, I cannot renew the road for 6 month (Dec13-May14) unless I 'top-up' the policy until May14. Haaaa...ini lah downside nye kalau buat road tax tiap2 6bln tapi tak tekun.
Hangin la jugak bila keluar dari pejabat pos tu (penat menunggu weiii) nak mencari insurance agen. Pos Malaysia tak boleh topup2 policy nih. Nasib baik laaaa ada cawangan insuran tu ada satu dekat la jugak. Otai punya cawangan ni...hehe..terhilang sekejap hangin sebab dah lama kut tak jumpa kedai macam ni... :)
Longgok je, tak payah file..eeep! Ambik gambar sorok2 ni
Pakcik the owner
While I was there, waiting for the policy to be topped-up by the chap in the first photo, ada laaa 2-3 kali pakcik tu jawab telefon. Clients following up. Each time after he hanged up, he would sift through the pile here and there, and sighed heavily. Aku pun saspen nengok nye weiii...jumpa ke idak apa yang dicari. 5S pakcik..5S.