Thursday, July 11, 2013 sweet

Today, I plan to stay the whole day in my base office. We are moving and spring cleaning activity is planned office-wide. While waiting for the activity to start, I tumpang duduk at my office mate's cubicle. He was away in Miri currently.
Sempat menyelongkar meja orang..tak senonoh kan? I squirted his Loccitane lotion (have to lah, kulit kering & gatal), put my handbag in the drawer and even flipped thru his desk calendar. Guess what I discovered.
A bit blur lah pulak
He marked my sweet. was obvious he likes to remember people's birthday looking from many names jotted on the calendar. But to be included in the list, I'm truly honored. I did posted previously about getting a macaron for my birthday. Yep, it was from him :)
Now I feel guilty not knowing his birthday. Pls note I only remember my parents', family's and sibling's. Hmmm..but I need to check this one out.

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