Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mbak going home for Raya

Wargghhh!! Thank god it's just for 1 month. We sent her to LCCT yesterday soon after sahur coz her flight was at 7am. Poor lady, excited to go home but have to brave through the traumatic airport travel experience. Saya faham....I can recall my first solo air travel. Quite daunting even for an educated person, more so for simple kampung folks like my bibik. Sejuk tangan dia bila salam2 before letting her pass the embarkation gate.
As usual, I SOS my mom to look after my kids. Kesian jugak makcik tu..dah tua weiii..lagipun so many Ramadhan activities lined up by her tadarus class that she will miss. My mom dah hint2, next year, bagi la mbak balik 1 week before raya & gave her 3 weeks after raya so that she can enjoy more Ramadhan activities, sooo my mom pun boleh la enjoy Ramadhan activities 3 weeks..kuikuikui. Ok kutt..mbak pun ada hint2 macam tu. Hmmph..masa kita indicate to her the plan to byt tix for 2 wks puasa, 2 weeks raya, takde pun  berbunyi. Dah nak dekat2 balik, baru berbunyi. Fickle..fickle.
Mbak tak pun call pun lagik, so we have no idea whether she's safely arrived. Last time pun mcm tu jugak. Dah brp hari, baru dapat confirmation. Maybe I'll give her a call today or tomorrow. Praying for her safe and smooth cuti raya and her journey back. Also praying for smooth handling of things without her around, particularly berharap it's not too much for my mom.

23 July
Yesterday, hasben got a missed call from Indonesia @1am? My first thought, must be Mbak, tapi awat she called hasben and not me? Emergency kah. But it was just 1 missed called, so cud not be an emergency. I checked the time difference, it's 1 hour earlier in Semarang - apa keje mbak call hasben 12am Semarang time? So I dialled her daughter's number around 11pm Msian & 10pm Semarang time. Her hasben asnwered and passed the phone to her. Alhamdulillah, she arrived home on the travel day itself about 2pm. She did try calling my handphone (org Indon sebut henpon : harpir) but the calls did not go thru. Adakah dia lupa nak letak country code..takpelah. Tak payah tanya. Janji dia selamat sampeiii.

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