Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Huhhuhuhuhuh...dah start bulging stomach gatal sana sini. Itchy because the already stretched skin is getting dryer, friction from clothing. Oh yes, peluh pun satu penyebab. Bila sapu Palmer's cocoa butter, membantu sikitt je la.
That's it, from now on kegatalan ni akan menjadi lumrah sehinggalah baby sampai. Kena ulang mantra ni...must not scratch! Gosokkk.
Tapi....the itchiness was soooo bad. I bought so many lotions/ moituriser : Palmer's stretch mark lotion, Palmer concentrated cream, Palmer tummy butter, Avene Trixera emollient, Rosken dry skincare.
I could not sleep for 2 nights straight. Finding comfortable position was impossible. My stomach skin was so dry and itchy. When lying on my side, the bedsheet felt like kain guni, scratching my stomach. Lagi satu, the skin in between the breastbone and my navel - pedih macam nak terkoyak kalau lying on my side. Maybe sebab kulit kering/ tak anjal - bila baring sisi, kulit yg bawah breast bone tu kira mcm stationary and my bulging stomach kira landing flat on the bed. So the skin in between kira jadi overly stretched. Lying on the back, tercungap2 la pulak, vena kava ditekan dek uterus yg berat tu.
I ended up sleeping seated. Itu pun terjaga berapa kali sebab gatal and had to put on lotion coz the lotion dried up quite fast. During those 2 nights, I took a midnight/very early morning shower sebab tak tahan dgn kulit badan sendiri.
Hubby took pity on me, arranged for me to see dermatologist that he had visited before, Dr Guru in PMC/TTMC, on the 3rd day of my suffering. I had to rush visiting panel clinic to get referral letter and arranged for Guarantee Letter to see Dr Guru. Sib baik sempat, so petang tu jugak jumpa Dr Guru.
I was prescribed with an antihistamine tablets (chlorpheniramine maleate 4mg, Drug House of Australia) and moisturizing lotion Cetaphil Restoraderm (~RM100 a bottle - gasp! Not covered by insurance, kena bayor sendiri).
Mahal siodd..RM95 in PMC for 295mL
Although Dr Guru assured the tablets are mild for pregnant ladies, saspen la jugak. However, Dr Siti confirmed that it is safe to be taken. The third night, I had a fairly good sleep...waaaaahaaa..bestnye uuhuhuhu..The lotion also help. My suffering ends, yey! So much so, kulit perut jadi cantik balik ekekeke.
Antihistamine is categorized as B - A guaranteed no ill effects, while C has ill effects and B for something inconclusive. Doc prescribed me to take 2 tablets a day, but I take only 1 before going to bed. Now, I'm cutting the tablet into half (siap beli pill cutter) and even skipped if I feel good, experience or expect not to experience exertion or cuaca macam nice and sejuk. Precaution, coz majority literature cannot guarantee effect to pregnant ladies and the babies.
Earlier this week (23Sept), we went to PMC to buy Cetaphil (botoi kecik sikit) and top up the tablet. Silap tak call dulu, we arrived 7pm something, retail pharmacy already closed. The pharmacy tech on duty for prescription informed that the tablet I could not buy over the counter, kena ada precription...alaaaa.
Tapi semalam (24Sept), went out for dinner dgn Sera at Empire Subang. Saw Caring pharmacy, show the antihistamine blister pack and they have the same brand! I was only asked to write my details in logbook. 1 blister pack (10 tablets) costs RM1 I bought 2 packs. Duhhhh...Need prescription huh? Cetaphil RM99 botol besar, they got. Beli je laaaaa..malas dah nak meredah PMC.

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