Friday, August 26, 2016

Lunch at Sangeetha @Lebuh Ampang

For weeks, we were dreaming of having lunch at Sangeetha. Finally..
Had ourselves a Chennai thali, mushroom manchuria. And I had the heavenly badham kheer.

A pregnant colleague, was still hungry. Mushroom manchuria was aplenty. So we ordered a paper tosai.
Hungry and preggy colleague, so happy when the tosai arrived
Nampak je besar. It's thin and crispy...nyam nyam
I was so sad when the badham kheer glass was empty. Could not order another glass, done that before and I was so bloated and gassy afterward. I am getting intolerant to lactose lately..dah tua. Plus the beans/ legumes/ spices from the dish...lethal combo. So, had to tahan from ordering another badham kheer.
Until next visit yaa..