Thursday, November 13, 2014

A pile of books

Saw this pile on my office desk this morning...
My favourite non-fiction writer.
Gahhhh!! Went into ecstasy mode sekejap hahahah. I felt a bit sad actually parting with Blink, such a pleasant reading experience. Soo, having this pile of Malcolm Gladwell's book...over-dosed laaa.
Thanks to an office mate, who's lending his books to me.
Nak setat yang mana satu ni...?
And it's nine..

Sunday, November 2, 2014

A surprising page turner -BLINK-

This is the first time ever, I read a non-fiction book and found it sooo engrossing! Quiet a number of my colleagues have read this book and even read this writer's other books. Kita baru nak baca akakaka..
It says that we have 2 minds actually - unconscious and conscious. It also teaches to trust your snap judgement and when to use it properly.
I cannot help thinking about my two seniors and their frequent clash of opinions. No wonder lah, one is keen to use unconscious judgement and the other being very organized, prefer to present her case using conscious judgement.
Why not marry both minds, takyah gaduh2, make them sekepala eh?