Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Plan for it..Work Towards it - MPIB Run 2014

Registration is open today..oh yeahhh! It will be on 5th Jan next year. It was my first run of the 2013, last time I did 12KM. Tapi oleh kerana MPIB14 tu around the time I would be done with my maternity (insyaAllah), takde lah nak go for 12KM and yet..ahahaha..taknak la jugak go for the shortest distance ie 5KM.
Second time masuk this run.

9 Dec
Oh maaan...I have to restart from the beginning. Have been doing brisk-walking ( running) for the past 1 week. I am sooo pancit. Niggles everywhere. Semput lah, side stitch lah. Sengal2 post-activity. Sooo sellooww. See?! See?! Haishh...Seriously, if I am not properly conditioned by 5th Jan, I will just walk all the wayyyy. Better be safe than sorry. Barang nak pakai lama ek.


lina said...

8K ok kot. :-D

See you there! Lps ni wajib amik gmbr sama sama:-)

adi4aki said...

oohohoh..mesti jumpa & berkenalan proper2 punya, to officially remove 'stalker' status ;P

eid mubarak to you and family

adi4aki said...
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