Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dr Siti, here I come

Last Saturday, I went to SDMC for the GTT test (glucose tolerance test). A bit suspense..1. takut tak boleh nak buat the test sebab lupa nak tanya nurse whether the test still goes on when she called and advised me to change gynae for the antenatal checkup. 2-3 hari lepas tu, baru terpikir & bila call Dr Delaila's clinic, memang harus lah takde org angkat. 2. Takut fail the test. Hmmm..yelah, nenek ada diabetes, mak ada diabetes so what about my chance of getting one? High lah! Gestational diabetes, even higher? I dunno.
Saturday morning, gave another call to the clinic (manalah tahu..ada org angkat)....ring..ring..hmm, as expected takde org angkat. Tapi oleh kerana Devagi the nurse kata this 2 weeks is the suitable window to do the test (between 26-28 weeks), maka saya redah lah jugak hospital tu. Doa lebih sikit..rabbi yassir wa la tu 'assir. At registration, I told the girl I came for blood test. Ok lepas. Now, camner nak register myself with the clinic's nurse. Masa register, jeling2 Delaila's area..yep lengang...Tapi rezeki doa bulan ramadhan kut..nampak Devagi manning a different clinic, nearby. Devagiiii! Nasib baik Devagi ada. So first step, I need to anchor myself to a gynae before doing the blood test and she helped to set me up with Dr Siti..*sigh* byk patient dia ni. But she's the only muslim lady gynae after Delaila. Lagipun malas nak tukar hospital lah. I'm used to the system, parking lot, registration pattern, cafe bla2.
The doc herself
Bila check online system, slot Dr Siti penuhhh weii..waiting list pun penuh weiii...Maka Devagi menggunakan cable nye and called Hanim (?) asking whether can squeeze in another Delaila's patient. Suuuuppp..terus dapat...wooohooo...appointment in 2 weeks time..another rezeki.
So now, the test. Masa tu lah Devagi drop the bombshell. Kena ambik darah & give urine sample. Then I need to take glucose drink, 2 hours later, repeat blood & urine sampling. Allllllllaaaaa..awat tak habaq awai2. Habih posa aku. Dok maintain posa penuh so far. Hmmpph! Tapi air glucose tu, ya allah manisnya hampir tak tertelan. There was a brewing isntruction on the cup - 75g glucolin (erkkkk..) plus water (tak ingat brp mL, tapi size std paper cup). Imagine 100g choc bar, to get an idea of how much 75g is. banyak tuuuu. blegghhhh.
1st blood sampling was nice, just a sting tapi 2nd blood sampling...adeiii. Biru2 haaa lengan.
Day 4 after kena cucuk amik darah
Yesterday, I received a call from Kak Hanim (she introduced herself as such..I'm warming up to this person already) identifying her from Dr Siti's clinic. Terperanjat beruk sat. So she put me thru and seconds later I heard Dr Siti's voice on the line. She told me that my blood sugar was high post glucose (8.7 vs 7.8mmol/L) but I did not have gestational diabetes. Legaaa..she only advised me to control diet and reduce sugar intake. Ok doc, will do doc! Did internet search and wiki told me :
"2 hour OGTT glucose level below 7.8 mmol/L (140 mg/dL) is normal, whereas higher glucose levels indicate hyperglycemia. Blood plasma glucose between 7.8 mmol/L (140 mg/dL) and 11.1 mmol/L (200 mg/dL) indicate "impaired glucose tolerance", and levels above 11.1 mmol/L (200 mg/dL) at 2 hours confirms a diagnosis of diabetes."
Sempat la wished the doc selamat berbuka. She laughed a bit and wished me the same. Hmmm..I am also warming up to her. Looking forward to meeting her on 3rd Aug.

3rd Aug 2013
Medical checkup day. Thankfully kids were excited to accompany their mama so memasing docilely bangun mandi and had breakfast. Me & hubby, we mentally prepared ourselves on the long queue of the doc's clinic. Our plan? Register, take our number at the clinic, estimate how long the wait would be (hopefully long) and go to Subang Parade for baju raya shopping for the kids.
Level 4 hospital, was not packed as I expected, orang dah balik beraya kut. But doc's clinic...by the time I got there about 30+ files already lined up (yikes!). It was not nurse Hanim manning the desk and she gave me #38 wargghh. Did the customary urine test, got the result and asked the nurse the estimated time of appointment. 
It was about 11.30am and we were told to come around 3pm :P Welllll...definitely enough time to do shopping, so off we went to Subang Parade. Huda was getting cranky, lapar kut since she just nibbled her breakfast so we decided to feed them lunch first thing. 
Hayaa sempat la berdrama dalam kereta, she threw me kotak milo kosong. We chided her (nada suara biasa2 je - not a nice thing to do, make people upset, buat mama upset - and hasben joined in -walid pun upset. And she started to quietly sobbed...kekeke. Hasben - Hayaa say sorry? - so the kid said sorry and salam hasben. Then she turned to me, said sorry, and mintak tisu. Yelah, airmata meleleh2 tu. To make her feel better, I gave her the kotak milo and told her to dispose it properly when we found a dustbin. We found one on the way to Subang Parade's lift. She dutifully disposed it and kita puji2 lah sikit kan :P We went straight to food court and by the time she saw her fav chicken mushroom yee mee, happy dah. Haiii...budak2 ni resilient betul noh?
Gedebuk gedebak, beli la 3 pasang baju for each kids & 2 pyjamas for baby. Ingat nak recycle kakak2 dia punya, tapi bagi peluang laa..first baby boy kut. Beli laa baru. Of course I was the one yg cari baju2 ni, hasben was in charge of taking care of the kids. He looked a bit harassed, apa tak nya, Huda nak merayap sana, Hayaa nak merayap sinun. Padan muka :) selalu dok harap kat bini & bibik. Rasakan.
By 230pm, made our move back to hosp, solat and went to clinic. Lengang dah beb clinic2 lain, Doc Siti's clinic je yg happening. Still kena menunggu, my turn finally came around 520pm. Ngantuk2 tunggu.  Haisshhh..dgn Delaila pun, tak pernah sampai petang mcm ni. Paling lama pun 1-130pm. In between, hasben sempat kuar cari nasi ayam makcik Laili coz we plan to have iftar with mak today. Bungkus je, takyah susah2 makcik tu masak.
Finally met the doc. Yep, she was friendlier than Delaila (tidak syak lagi). Hasben's take? He feels that she is more detailed but Delaila appeared more confident (sebab Delaila cakap mcm tegas lagi kut). I think Delaila is more detailed but I dare to ask more Qs to Doc Siti. Hahaha nampak sangat menikus dgn Delaila. Oh well, ok je dua2 tu. Masing2 dgn gaya tersendiri. Asalkan I deliver my baby safely.
Berbuka : Nasi ayam makcik Laili..nyam..nyam! Plus air mata kucing and kuih kaswi..terbaek! Balik from rumah mak...fengsan!

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