Monday, August 26, 2013

Home Birthing trend's confirmed that in my organization, already 2 mommies did home delivery. These 2 young ladies are from Gen-Y people. Did it at the comfort of their home, accompanied by husband and midwife/ doula only. Applause..applause.
Home birthing is actually very, very natural and normally done up to our grandmothers' era. I would say, starting from my mother's generation and Gen-X generation, hospital birthing is the norm. Too bad those 2 ladies were in a different office base right now, otherwise I would have grilled them for details.
Am I thinking about having a home birthing? Hmmm...not really. Not ready for it. Honestly, not ready to convert the comfort of our masterbedroom into a birthing room. Emm..messy kut ehehehe. Lagipun kecoh nak handle budak2 kecik dua orang tu karang.
Boleh tak nak deliver in a hospital, but with least/ none medical intrusion? No fetal monitoring straps, no dilation exam (hate this.., berapa kali mau seluk daaa), no induce, no shouting 'push! push!', no doctor/ nurses nyebok2, maybe sorang nurse monitor senyap2, no jabs to hasten placenta delivery/ reduce bleeding, no suction of baby's nose/mouth, immediate breastfeed. I wish to prevent tearing by allowing the baby to come on it's own sweet time so no episiotamy hopefully!
Last two deliveries, we went too early to the hospital. First, the water broke...there was no gushing amniotic fluid really, it sort of trickled twice..that was it. Second, got a bloody (peachy) discharge..not that much, pantyliner could handle it. I got no contraction when I arrived in the hospital. Contraction was induced after 2 hours lying in the labor room. The nurse swabbed some drug to my cervix (dunno what was that), contractions was immediate and I delivered 2 hours later. Fast tracked heishh and it happened during both deliveries. This time, praying for everything to go well, I plan to move to the hospital when the contraction is like reaching the 5-1-1 golden rule - contraction is 5 mins apart, lasts for 1 min, going on for 1 hour. Ganbatte!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Med check up & friends dtg beraya

Hubby rose early and rushed to SDMC to register me and get my running number today's appointment with Dr Siti. He registered no.36 for the whole Level 4 outpatient clinics. Kononnya congak2 boleh la dapat single digit running number for clinic Dr Siti. Guess what number we got at Dr Siti's? 21 beb...21..out of 36 people registered at Level 4 outpatient clinics, almost 3/4 are Dr Siti's patient. Unbelievable.
The nurse told him to come back around 11-1130am, that's was what hubby told me when he got home. Hmmpph..sambung bermalas2an. Hubby sambung tido jugak. Around 11am, we readied ourselves then baru terpikir nak call the clinic before we went out. So we called..and baru giliran patient no.3. Eeekkk.. Time was revised to 130-2pm. warghhh..Hubby will not be accompanying me, he's driving to Singapore 2pm with his friend for Metallica consert (sumer tanya, kenapa tak pegi konsert yg kat KL - gara2 beli tiket cepat sgt before KL's consert advert came out).
Did my Zohor prayer and went out around 2pm. Arrived around 230pm and the clinic was lengang? But patients file bersusun2 atas meja. Nurse Devaghi told me, most patients went out. Patient no 18 not yet finished, total files 51 ke 52?...gahhhh..So I did urine test, read Saturday newspaper somebody left behind. 10-15mins later, I was called in. Yey!
This time Dr Siti did a sampling from my *ehm* since I am planning for normal delivery. Just to make sure canal has good bacteria/ culture what ever. Next appointment on 7th Sept and when I went out, Devaghi told me to do pre-admission (already?!). Then it clicked. Aisey...tak lama dah aku ni ye? Yelah, next appointment is in 2 weeks time. I'll be on bi-weekly check-up soon. nge..hehehe

Hubby got back from concert, arrived home around 6am. Isk..isk..Awat lambat benar sampai rumah pada hal konsert abih around 11pm yesterday nite. Rupa2nya, he bumped into a number of company's GMs, fans of Metallica jugak. Once of the GM mintak jadi supir la pulak..drove around, pergi makan..apa tu..sup merah Singapore..glamer ke? Tu la yg gerak lambat from Singapore.
We were lazing around when a friend whatsapped us to come for Raya visit around lunch. That was 1030ish am, so terhegeh2 la kami turun breakfast, mandi and gegas beli barang kat Mydin. if I'm cooking warghh warghh..actually, I rarely cook. Already outsourced to my trusted bibik, Mbak Mus! God bless mbak. Apa2 pun, I always ask her to cook dishes that she's comfortable to cook ie boleh tutup sebelah mata lah.
Daripada 1 family, hubby extended invitation to nearby frens. Menu : sup tulang, ayam goreng rempah, bawal cili sumbat, sayur campur. Goreng drumet for kids. Ada kambing briyani frozen from raya. Anggur + nangka + aiskrim potong (durian) + kuih/kerepek/kek raya. Air cincau (malas nak bancuh). Bancuh kopi je afterwards. All in all, 4 families came beraya. Ok lah tu. Tak byk leftover, enough for us to recycle for 2-3 days.
Lepas maghrib, we attended hubby cousin's open house. pergi rumah cousin ni,tak sah kalu tak jumpa artis. Ngehehehe..this time around, saw Sofea Jane, Vanidah & Rashidi (oh hensemnya..). Sofea Jane and mama lah.
Balik open house, my itchiness acting up again. Grrrr!! Lupa nak citer, early last week I went to Dr Guru dermatologist in PCMC. He prescribed me chlorpheniramine (hapal you...abih meng google, checking for any adverse effect to pregnant ladies). A peaceful week with minimal/ ignorable itch but mlm tadi it flared again...awat niiiiii..