Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Celebrity runner blogs

I stalk a lot of runner blogs. During the initial stage of my sudden rush of excitement into world of running, I totally devoured these blogs. That was around mid of last year. I spent like 1-2 hours daily searching, reading and fantasizing while reading them. Back then, FM was unthinkable, not doable. But thanks to these blogs, I discover myself and get to know my own capability.
2KM power walks turned into 4 then 5KM power walks. Power walks turned into run/walks. Once I reached 5KM run/walk, I started to venture into 7KM, then 10KM. If I were to go back to the past, telling my younger self that I would be running a 10K event, I would have laughed it off !
Anyway, back to the topic. Nowadays, naturally I frequent the blogs which are updated quite often. Tristupe's - full of technical details. Kak Tiffa/ Jamie Pang - both like to, hmmm...how to say this..get philosophical? The former likes to look inward (self reflection, soul searching) and the later likes to look outward (society, life). The light ones are like Lina/Nannoor's. And Fairy's - her blog can be an article/short story in magazines mah, well written.
Once in a while, I would drop a comment in their blogs and got giddy when they responded (wakakakaka!).

Sembang2 dgn celebrity runner :)
Thank you to all of you lah. You guys are really inspiring. Running angels :)


lina said...

Hi stalker.


Managed to stalk you back!

*suka suka lari lari keliling carpark dengan gembira*

@nannoor said...


hi salam kenal.. terima kasih kerana menjadi pembaca senyap blog saya.
sorry la ye kalau ada komen tapi saya x reply..

adi4aki said...

Ahahaha..segan aihh :)

Apa2 pun, thank you to both of you. Korang2 ni byk menyemarakkan my semangat nak berlari2 ni.