Monday, January 28, 2013

Subak Restaurant at night

I really need to come back day time ! I liiiike it there. I went to this place during fasting month last year. Just like its advert - Dining with nature. Going there itself was a bit adventureous. We took a wrong turn and ended up in a dead end road - small road mind you with almost non-existent spot to do triple point turn. Otherwise we had to reverse all the way back to the pangkal jalan.

Lower serambi

But the restaurant itself..*sigh* I wish I had a DSLR. Could not really capture the lush tropical ambience of the place. We ate at the lower serambi, just beside the fish pond. There was another serambi on a higher ground - almost pick that one but somebody warned about mosquito.

Way up to the upper serambi

Kids hanging out at the fish pond

Upper Serambi

ATV Adventure - 2nd one !

Last year, our (me & hubby) first ATV was to the Sofea Jane water fall and the whole journey took us about 1.5-2hrs. Yea, there were 2-3 moments of panicking while riding the ATV. Waterfall was, cute. Good for dipping, I think the deepest was around mid thigh?
The 2nd trip..hohohoHOHO. Much, much more challenging I tell YOU! Moments of panicking? Countless lol! The slopes were full of stones, what a bumpy ride. The panicking moment was when I got stuck or my ATV simply failed to pass over some of the small boulders, and I got stuck many times tau. I had to revved the engine so that the ATV would shot/ surged forward and prayed when suddenly the ATV did shot forward (my heart surged too hokay!) that the ATV will not hit bigger boulder and tilt over (with me trapped underneath). Huhuhu! The ATV did do some tilting, thank god never tilted over. Oh yes, other panicking moments was when going down the slopes and the ATV slid, lost traction. The instructor taught us to grip the handbrakes hard when going down slopes and releasing the front break a bit if the wheels started to slide. Either you keep on sliding uncontrollable, or release the front brake a bit and be prepared to storm down the slope. Tak laju mana pun, but in a panicking mode, I did felt like sprinting down the slope (...teeth chatter..).

Short stop half-way thru
 Everytime that happened, I had to recite the mantra 'still your feet, still your feet'. Luckily, I was never a motorcyclist (bonceng ada laa..). Those who ride motorcyles will have the tendency to stick out their legs to 'stabilize' the bike. Very dangerous thing to do, sticking out your leg while riding an ATV. Your leg/feet might be wedged between the boulders and the heavy ATV. You surely would not want your feet to be hurtfully wedged between these two hard places.
We had a short break at Klang gate dam and Bukit Tabur look-out point. I skipped the Bukit Tabur trip, sakit lulut nye pasal :P The dam was beautiful and blue and so serene. See the photo? Mirror image of the banjaran & trees on the water surface. The guide told us that Owen Wilson made this trip and his entourage swam to the other side of the dam. Gilaaa. 
I truly felt the RM200 paid for this package is berbaloi, unlike the RM150 for the Sofea Jane waterfall package. There is another package, for 3hrs plus trip, more challenging. Amacam, ada bran?
Group photo