Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sg Pisang Waterfall - Sweet & Simple

A group of husband's office mates arranged for a trip to Sg Pisang waterfall last Sunday. Since they did not mind, me & daughters tagged along. Did not bring Umar, he's still small.
The waterfall is near Karak, very close to KL. What a gem. Never knew about this waterfall when I lived in Gombak. Otherwise would have frequent it.
Before entering the river tunnel
Trekking across the river tunnel was an experience by itself. It crosses underneath the Karak highway. I would say, the length is about 70-100m?
You can either walk on the ledge or just walk in the water. Level was not so deep, almost mid calf. I opted to walk in the water. Sejuuuuk air nya. It was quite dark. Here, you can really appreciate 'the light at the end of the tunnel' phrase.
The trails are quite easy - be it dry trail or wet trail. We crossed the river so many times, lost count. The only annoyance was when the coarse sands and pebbles ended up in your sandals. You can always rinse it away, but after so many river crossings...you sort of bear with it.
There was a very short trail, we were practically walking on tree roots. Finally got to the waterfall after about 1hour and a half of trekking. Some bloggers claimed 30-45mins journey. We were practically towing the kids, so that might explain the longer journey.
The waterfall itself is cute. 20m fall je but nice and cool. But for me, the water was too cold, I did not bother to take the plunge hahahaha. Rendam2 kaki aje. It's a small pool, perhaps around 10m diameter, waist deep. There are fish in the pool too. We even fed them with breads that we bought along.
The kids loved it. Hayaa' told us a few weeks earlier that she wanted to see a waterfall and she got it. Both girls would like to take a dip but I think they found it awkward not wearing swimming suit. So they just played at the side, fed the fish, played with the sand, threw stones, played with twigs & branches. Well...kids, they always have things to do.
Ok lah..lain kali boleh datang lagi. Bawak Umar sekali.