Sunday, April 20, 2014

Like Father, Like Son - the sequel

I could not remember what I was doing at that time last weekend. Suddenly hubby called me, excited about something.
'Cuba tengok Umar. Psycho la pulak.' Hubby was giddy and all smiling.
No wonder....Umar was trying to assume hubby's favourite lounging pose, a pose that has been exhibited by his sisters too, Huda and Hayaa'. I managed to catch Huda (previous post) doing it on camera. Hayaa', masih tak berpeluang to snap a photo while she was doing it (will be a prequel if posted ngehehehe).
'Are you sure it's a genetic thing?' I asked hubby.
'Yelah kut? All the three kids dok buat.'
'Or is it a general traits in small kids, that you seems not to outgrow?'
'Ye ke...?' Hubby sounds annoyed...hehehee...ok makcik..stop teasing.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

40s...Sesi Muhasabah Diri

Yesterday, I turned 39. According to tahun Masehi, I am not yet 40 but according to tahun Hijrah..I am already 40 huhuhhu which happened on 5th February (5 Rabiulakhir). A friend of mine, shared about Surah al Ahqaf, ayat 15 since most of us are going into the 4 series. The verse really caught my attention and made me pensive.

Terjemahan Surah Al Ahqaf Ayat 15 Terjemahan Dalam Bahasa Malaysia Tafsiran Ar-Rahman
'Dan Kami wajibkan manusia berbuat baik kepada kedua ibu bapanya ibunya telah mengandungnya dengan menanggung susah payah dan telah melahirkannya dengan menanggung susah payah. Sedang tempoh mengandungnya beserta dengan tempoh menceraikan susunya ialah dalam masa tiga puluh bulan. Setelah ia besar sampai ke peringkat dewasa yang sempurna kekuatannya dan sampai ke peringkat umur empat puluh tahun, berdoalah ia dengan berkata: "Wahai Tuhanku, ilhamkanlah daku supaya tetap bersyukur akan nikmatMu yang engkau kurniakan kepadaku dan kepada ibubapaku, dan supaya aku tetap mengerjakan amal salih yang Engkau redhai dan jadikanlah sifat-sifat kebaikan meresap masuk ke dalam jiwa zuriat keturunanku. Sesungguhnya aku bertaubat kepadamu, dan sesungguhnya aku dari orang-orang Islam (yang tunduk patuh kepadamu).'

Made me search more in the internet for verses which contains the word 'maturity' and found the following verses :

Terjemahan Surah Al Qasas Ayat 14 Terjemahan Dalam Bahasa Malaysia Tafsiran Ar-Rahman

'Dan tatkala Musa sampai ke peringkat umurnya yang cukup kekuatannya dan sempurna, Kami beri kepadanya kebijaksanaan serta ilmu pengetahuan dan demikian Kami membalas orang-orang yang berusaha memperbaiki amalannya.'

Terjemahan Surah Yusuf Ayat 22 Terjemahan Dalam Bahasa Malaysia Tafsiran Ar-Rahman

Dan ketika Yusuf sampai keperingkat umurnya yang sempurna kekuatannya, Kami beri kepadanya kebijaksanaan serta ilmu pengetahuan dan demikianlah Kami membalas orang-orang yang berusaha memperbaiki amalannya.' Another similar verse.

Actually, I have been thinking a lot lately about what I really want in my life, how I have lived it, how am I doing now, how am I going to live my life in the coming years. Why am I thinking so at this age? Was it a coincidence? I don't think so.
I am definitely not an expert on alQuran and its tafsiran, just a mere mortal trying (still trying) her best to be a good muslim. Looking at the connection between those verses above, I think that a person reaches maturity at the age of forty based on islamic perspective. And...and..and..Nabi Muhammad SAW became a prophet at the age of 40.
If I am truly maturing, then alhamdulillah. The famous saying that 'Life begins at forty' may ring true after all.
Hmmm...the doa from Surah al Ahqaf verse 15...I should incorporate it in my daily after solat prayers.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Choc Craze in the office

Happy mode ngehehehe...I've been consuming chocolate one papan after another papan for the past 1 week. Tak hengat dunia punya. I suspect it is because of stress. There's this one new assignment, must complete it within 2 weeks. Stress...stress.
Hubby being out-station, more frequent than normal, is also not helping. Selalu nya hubby is the supir, so sendiri jadi supir and kena meranduk traffic jam pergi/balik kerja...bleghhh...oh yes, also I have to tuck-in the girls every night (ni hubby nye keje) and teman sampai depa tido. Disturb my sleeping pattern a bit.
So, not surprising, I turn to my feel good food. Sayaaaaaaangg ko chocolate oii...And people are stopping by my cubicle to pau the chocolate. Not that I mind, spread the love heh? The love for chocolate. Yang best nya, yang lain2 pun start to have chocolate bars on their desk. Time for me to pau their chocolate...nyumm!!
Not in the picture..Cadbury bar..baru habis