Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yesterday was my birthday..on the verge of 40s (o_O)

38 years old already. Gahhh! Nothing earth-shaking happened though. Biasa-biasa aje :)
Let's see..Hubby wished me this morning before we parted our ways to the office. Sempat la tanya kita nak apa. So I gave the customary answer, 'apa2 je laa..'. As if he didn't remember about the Coach handbag that I told him 1 month ago! Men!
Hmm...then I got this one call early in the morning from Fifi. He asked technical questions regarding treatment chemicals. At the end of it, he wished me HBD...ohohoho! The first person office mate to wish me so. Kita pun saspek, adik2 yg lain di opis ni pun mesti tahu jugak kan?
Anyways, around noon, Nida came to my cubicle, saying that she would like to eat early. 'Lapar'. Kita ok je. Preggy2 ni, perut sentiasa mintak diisi. I even brought my nasi lemak bungkus & kuih lopez (tak sempat mkn lagi..dah bfast actually kat rumah, gatal beli kat kedai mesra). 6 of us going down the elevator and somebody said let's go to Pizza Hut. Kita ok je, so I blurted, 'Ok je, kita belanja, hari ni birthday kita.' Tiba2 je...kecoh. 'Alaaa! KMar ni, spoil laaaa..tak surprise laa!' Kakakaka..hmph, siap hentak kaki lagi sorang tu. Sorry for spoiling my own birthday makan2? Apakah..?
I decided to go for another notch, 'Nanti ada saper2 lagi keee nak dtg Pizza Hut and say 'Surprise'?' That earned me rolling eyes. Kakakaka..So we took our seat and sorang tu terlepas cakap, 'Eh, Syau tak sampai lagi?' Hahahaah..kena marah awek tu, pecah tembelang. Kita pun ngusik laaa..'Ooo Syau datang, dia dtg bwk kek ke.' That one earned a ala2 merajuk note 'Hah, I don't want to say anything.' Hoh, ye lah tuuuu..cake is coming. And yes, few minutes later datang lah minah tu dgn Secret Recipe, serang hendap tak menjadi coz I turned and saw her a few feet away. Spoil lagi eh? Hahahah!
Maka makan2 lah kami, dgn my favorite slice of cakes (carrot & choc walnut brownies), thanks to Nida's insider information. It was raining lebat gila, by the time we were done and last round of wishes were conveyed (sempat lagi budak2 ni ngutuk, 'Kmar yg menspoilkan birthday mkn2'...kekekeke), the rain cooled down a bit.
Hmmm..itu citer belah tgh hari. Citer belah malam. my birthday present from hubby when we got home. Tiba2 je hubby sua beg recycle wih a box wrapped in newspaper (!). hahahah..Katanya, I would agree not to bazir2 balut dgn nice wrapper. Betullah tu! Should have taken the photo of the box. From the size, I guessed that it's an ipad. Betul lagi tuu. I joked about the handbag..tak ade lah ye? Guess what, 'abg bagi lah jugak nanti'...woooopsie! best ke haper. Sempat plan time tu to eat out this weekend and go & buy the handbag...suke..suke.
I was about to shred the newspaper cover when I saw two airmail envelopes on the dining table. Yeyyyy!! My online ordered charms are here. Sapa sangke, ngam2 sampai on my birthday. A gift to myself yg sampai on time plak tu...hebaat..hebaat. So I took both the still wrapped box and the envelopes upstairs. Yep, white ipad. While unboxing Hayaa saw the ipad. I told Hayaa that it's my birthday and asked her to sing me a birthday song. dia pun nyayi lah. As a happy2 closure, I requested a kiss from both Hayaa & Huda. Muahhh..muahhhsss!
The new ipad with retina display..pakai old cover dulu..bak kata San Francisco Coffee, Life is Good.
Gift to myself. Trollbeads bracelet & charms - fav charm coffee bean. Tenyeh la jugak Pandora charms
*sigh* so secara amnya, it was a good birthday..hmm..tapi ada satu benda je yg tak terjadi. Mama selalunya antor sms. Lupa kut. Well..I'm sure there will be some habuan for me. Itu byk tahun tak miss. We'll see lah what I will get next from mama. Teruk eh...eheheheh?

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