Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Perut kembung bila petang2

Bila petang2 je, my stomach will be bloated. It usually starts around 6ish. By 7ish, perut kembung tu jadi full-fledge lah. Time2 ni rasa lemau, mengah, nak muntah. I don't know why. Nak kata lapar, tak jugak. Bila dinnertime, makan pun tak bersemangat, sebab perut rasa dah sengkak. So makan sikit2 je la. Thankfully, 10 mins or so after dinner, the bloating would be gone.
Hmmm..why do I feel this would only occur duirng weekdays but not during weekend. Need to observe some more. I've got one theory ie I do not have this problem during weekend because I can 'vent', do 'pressure release' (sorry la, kalau dah engineer tu, term2 engineering jugak la kuar), anytime and anywhere at the comfort of my house. At the office, I had to do 'containment' causing serious 'pressure buildup' kekekeke. Logic tak?

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