Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I sneeze and scramble for Vitamin C

Does Vitamin C boost our immune system? Seems that the jury is still out there on this, but most of the time the doctors that I gone to would prescribed Vit C. So every time I have indications of falling sick, I would pop the Vit C pills. Among my favourite indicators are sneezing, throat discomfort and chills. If I took Vit C as soon as possible, InsyaAllah the indicators will go away. If I took 'em too late, the sneezing escalates to sore throat, then escalates some more to running nose, then it will develop into full fledge cough or flu.
I sneezed in the car today on the way to work and I sneezed again after having breakfast. Apa lagi, pop one Vit C pill la. Hehehe...I do believe Vit C boosts my immunity. So much so, I have a bottle of it stashed in my office drawer.
Buffered C by Blackmores, 1000mg
I take buffered Vit C. This was advised by my colleague mdm Siti. Konon2 nya a slow release of Vit C is beneficial for the body to absorb it fully, rather than subjecting the body to a sudden slug of Vit C. Another colleague told me that human body is not capable to absorb more XXXmg of Vit C in one go (I forgot..ehehe). The excess Vit C will be release through urine.
2 weeks back I had batuk & selsema. Thank god that was a short one. I recovered quite fast. Years ago I used to suffer batuk & selsema like 1-2 months. So, hopefully me popping Vit C this morning will stop me from developing cough again.

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