Sunday, April 14, 2013

Winter is coming this weekend...aaaaaa!!

Oooooooo...I really can't wait. 20th April 9pm HBO. Eheheheh..Game of Thrones season 3 lah. Last weekend, I re-watched my favourite episodes both in Season 1 and Season 2.

I got the softcopy version (thank you to Fifi, the torrent tokey). Actually, most of the episodes, I watched it on HBO, especially Season 2. I decided for Season 2, I decided to re-watch the last 5 episodes. Bengong kang kepala otak, marathon berjam2 depan laptop tu. Quite a number of scenes caught me by surprised, I gasped, I hissed. Mostly battle and gory scenes. Bleghh ! Typical GoT..
Hmmm..hopefully budak2 tu tak merengek nak tengok channel 613 diaorg la masa mama nak ngadap GoTS3 nih...

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