Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bibik and Hypertension

Bibik is in the borderline of 1st stage hypertension (hi blood pressure). End of last week, Hayaa told bibik yang mata bibik merah. True enough, there were streaks of bright red in her white eyes (left eye). Apparently this has happened before while I was in Lyon and family stayed in Sepang with Mama & Baba. Mama said salur darah bursted and gave her eye drop during the first incident.
Just to make sure, we took bibik to Klinik Menara. Yep, doc confirmed burst capillary which will clear in few days and no effect on vision. He asked whether accidentally she rubbed her eyes too strong, or pricked her eyes with nails, or had extreme cough/sneeze. Neither of those, bibik said. Doc checked blood pressure, it was 144mm Hg (is the unit correct?) and limit for 1st stage hypertension in 140.
So the theory now is the eye blood capillary burst because of the HBP. And search results on the website says so. She must have it for quite some time coz once in a while she would experience headache and dizziness. We advised her to reduce salt intake and I need to buy more fruits and vege for her daily consumption. I also plan to take her for a full medical check-up, just to make sure there's no underlying reason. Kut laa ada renal problem, cholestrol tinggi, etc. Diabetic dak kut, kebetulan Klinik Menara ada buat free glucose test and she got results like 6.7.
Dah lama tak buat medical check-up for her, since FOMEMA requires medical check-up for those working in year 1-3 only (ke? lebih kurang la..). Then 1-2 months or so, we'll go for a return check-up. Hish..risau la jugak. Tak mahu la nanti dia balik for good tapi sakit2. Also risau la kan, sebab dia yg dok jaga my kids and one baby is coming.

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