Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hayaa's Art Gallery

My eldest is 7 this year and currently she is crazy about drawing and coloring, especially rainbows. While I was lazing on the bed, she creatively turned a nook of my (cluttered ehm!) room into her personal art gallery. How she did it? She wound a string around two trophies, turned it into some sort of a make-shift cloth-line. Then she swiped (I think from the bibik, Nenek Mus) the cloth pegs and attached her drawings to the cloth-line.
Tadaaa! Her first unofficial art gallery. Please ignore the clutter hokay?

Close-up Gallery #1

Gallery #2

Gallery #3
Hayaa's work. Ada sekali tu, Huda pergi 'knock' on the house, saying 'Eyo, eyo'. Cute heh?
Oh yes. Unfortunately some of our walls also become the 'drawing canvas'.
This was 2-3 years ago, Hayaa's work. Still there :D
Ni Huda nye hasil tangan kut
Yg atas tu mcm Hayaa punya kerja. Bwh2 tu, Huda kut.
Yep, berconteng2 dinding. Nasib baik depa conteng tingkat atas je. Tunggu lah budak2 besar, baru nak repaint.

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