Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Felt the baby moves :)

There were few occasions before that I thought (with some uncertainty) that I felt the baby moves. But last night, confirmed lah baby kicks ke/ jab ke/ whatever kekekeke. I was watching A Gentleman's Dignity (k-drama) on NTV7. The show ended and I was about to rise from the sofa when I feel a jab/pull/twinge/something on the left side of my tummy.
A bit surprised by the strange sensation at first, but I figured it out 2-3 seconds later 'must be the baby'. Hiihihi..hello baby. The second sensation was when I got upstairs and about to lie on the bed. Hmmm...I'm marking 10-1015pm as the probable time for baby to make it usual presence know.
Penting tu. Last pregnancies, Dr Delaila advised me to note the routine ie when the baby moves, frequency & duration, nature of movement. Any deviation or changes from the routine is the time to be concerned. Na'uzubillah. Mintak2 lancar lah pregnancy ni. Amiin.
Oh yes, happy birthday to me ehehehe.

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