Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Parlimen bubar akhirnya...

Uihhhh..berjanggut menunggu weh. Yesterday, I got so worried over the fate of Malaysia, when PM announced BR1M for PETRONAS which is RM1000 per person. Telekom (RM500/person), TNB (1 month salary) they also got BR1M. Sheesshh..this guy is spending government money (aka rakyat's money) like he owns it.
And somebody said there was a rumor that we may not need to pay tax for 2012. Aiyooohh..I got more worried. Habih la kering kontang our nation's coffer. When parlimen dibubarkan hari ni, I was so relieved. No more menabur2 duit...for now. I guess, LHDN is business as usual also.
Anyways, my purpose for this post is to make sure that I remember who has served my area as ahli Parlimen (Shah Alam) and ahli DUN (Kota Anggerik). YB Khalid Abd Samad (PAS) and YB Yaakob Sapari (PKR) respectively. Baca2 internet, gayanya macam both will be bertanding in PRU13. Who else will be bertanding? Mari kita tunggu dan lihat.

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