Thursday, June 13, 2013

Weekly indulgence

I've been indulging myself with coffee/ caffeinated drink 1-2 times a week, walaupun my obgyn tak bagi. I did tahan not to take coffee or caffeinated drink when I was pregnant with Hayaa and Huda. Tapi this time...cannot tahan one. After some googling, the general advice was, not to exceed 2 cups of coffee a day. Alahhh...ok la tu. But still I limit myself jugak la. Tu yg minum 1-2 kali je seminggu. Earlier, I took kopi tarik @ mamak or kopi susu @ kopitiam (ni dalam RM2-3 je). Tetapi...isk..isk..gara2 diperkenalkan oleh opis2 mate, I got a new and more expensive option (>RM15 arr..arr.arr).
Addicted dah pun...
I'm a fan of mocha drinks. Before, I would go for Ultimate Mocha or Blackforrest Mocha from Coffee Bean. San Fran's one, is special since it adds a scoop of store-made chocolate ice-cream, nyumm nyumm. Maybe I should try ice blended mocha in other coffee outlet. Byk option nih Starbuck nye ice blended mocha. Time to explore..yeahhhhzzaa!

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