Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Magazines shopping

Planning my budget and tracking my expenses is something that I've done for 5 years. Books buying has somewhat reduced these few years..don't have time to read it. Hayaa' just entered her Drj 1 and book expenses on her is not so much. Huda, heheheh...sian, reuse her sis's books lah. So I find myself resorting to buying magazines.
This morning, I walked in mynews and decided to buy the latest Personal Money mag, my fav mag. And thought, hey..why not splurge a bit. My book budget is under-utilized anyway. So got myself three mags.
Hijab, Personal Money & Runner's
I'm a frequent reader of PM. Runner's, I will buy once in a while, especially if the topic caught my interest. This time around I bought it because I miss running so much especially after the merry Perodua Race event last week (jeles tak habih lagi tgk depa2 tuh lari 15K). Hijab..hmmm..ni gara2 meneman Sera masuk kedai Guylin (? betoi ke heja..) an outlet selling tudung in Alamanda.
I've been wearing bawal/ cotton scarf, never had the intention to resort to fancy schmancy tudung. Byk keje lah nak memikir kaler, meng arrange tudung. Lagi satu, susah kot nak match 1 fancy schmancy scarf for several attires. However, raya is coming up and my attire will be limited to clothing to suit my already advanced pregnancy. By raya, I'll be like 8 months preggy.
So, hmmm...I might do fancy scarf, for raya only lah. Must do homework. Hijab magazine, as a start.

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