Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's a boy (T_T) happy tears..

28th May PM at SDMC Subang Jaya. Got an appointment for detail imaging. I felt nervous for 2 reasons. One. We really want a baby boy this time, with Hayaa' and Huda already in tow. Last visit (about 4 weeks ago), doc gave a teaser saying maybe it's a boy but she's not sure. Ishhhh...doc ni punn. But somehow, I dunno, maternal instinct? I do feel that this time it's a boy.
First trimester, ugghh..I've never felt this terrible - fatigue, dizzyness and many moments of almost black-out. Not to mention overly sensitive to smell. Yeoww! How many times I had to send my towels for washing sebab melekat bau masak. And berapa kali naik hangin everytime bedroom door was opened while mbak was cooking. Honestly, many times, berdetik jugak la dalam hati..'I hate being pregnant this time.' Baby, jgn kecik hati...I do not hate you tau. I just hate how my body/ system undergoing the changes.
Back to the reasons. Two. It's detail imaging. Many things going to be checked with regards to baby's internals and formation. Last visit, the doc did not comment much and it did give me some misgivings. Dah la amik my blood samples for Down Syndrome check and no news at all on this. Which I expects my risk number is higher than that during my time with Huda.
Imaging time. Alhamdulillah..so may medical jargon, defects, deformations spewed from doc's mouth but bay is normal. Legaaa. No signs of : hunchback, Down syndrome, lips split cleft (betoi ka term ni), dwarfism. Clear 4 heart chambers, clear diaphragm to prevent stomach encroaching into lung capacity, clear left/right brain demarcation, sufficient amount of fluid in brain and amniotic fluid.
Dah habih sumer2 tu, masa untuk melihat baby nye gender. Heheheh..doc dah lama nampak & tau girl ke boy. Punya lah pueh dia meng adjust image tu so that we can see. Boleh pulak dia pelik kitaorg tak nampak. Kakaka..Cmon la doc..kitaorg bukannya tgk image2 ni hari2. I even patted my stomach to nudge the baby around, which the baby did move a bit. Last2, nampak laaa...kakakaka..the notorius bird.
Baby : 'Aiyoh, aku tak kuar lagi, org dah tgk my bird'
So, alhamdulillah. 2 kerisauan dah di settlekan. Sujud syukur den masa solat lepas check-up tu. Hubby pun tanya, 'Nak tutup kedai kerr? Tak payah la..ni boleh kawin lain ni kalau nak tutup kedai.' Piangggg!!?? Mamat nih. My answer was, tanya sekarang, nak tutup la. Tgk dulu camner..Hihihi

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