Tuesday, June 25, 2013

At Ben's ngap ngap

My reason to dine out at Ben's KLCC was one and only one. To have the Toffee Dates Pudding (aka sticky date pudding) with caramel and vanilla ice-cream (salivating..). Still salivating. Because dah habis ! Huwaaa!! I got there around 8pm. Guess benda tu jadi permintaan ramai. Huh, lain kali kena pegi time lunch lah.
Ben's ni ada entertainment card on its table. Tak try pulak. Lagi syok baca watsapp.
Frust lah jugak. Tapi nasib baik I came mentally prepared ie already decided on 2nd & third choice kalau habih benda alah tu. So I settled for Rocky Road cake. Nasib baik sedaaap. Kalau tidak, memang throw tantrum + meroyan cikkak preggy 6 bulan nih.
The cake was delicious, chocolatey & cool. Got some peanut butter layer & foundation.
Kita makan half je of the marshmallow tu.
For dinner, I had a morroccan lamb pie. Besar betul pie tuh. Emmm...lamb was spicey and exotic tasting cuma tak kena citarasa kut. Sedap la but something that I will not repeat. Hubby had a lamb rack. Katernya mcm tak berapa tasty so I did not bother merasa.

For me. Side salad was nice. Oh yes. Order gak salad for appetizer. Balsamic chicken something. Dah mkn baru tingat nak snap.

Oh well..takde rezeki makan toffee date pudding. Lain kali lah ye.

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