Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hayaa's Art Studio

I would not say she draws or colors very well. But she has some creativity in presenting her artwork. Last time, she had an art gallery created out ouf a corner of our bedroom. This time around, she had an art studio la pulak out of our bedroom door. Macam2. Suka betul hubby dgn anak dara dia nye creativity.
Siap ada door sign 'Close/Open. Gelap sikit, snap night time

Lekat kat pintu pakai UHU. Noticed the botol susu? Huda pun nak nyibuk begambo
Close-up photo of her so called art work.

Kononnya center piece..kekeke

 Maybe I should consider sending her to art class? Not the conventional art class. The creative, self-expression, modern art class. Ada ke? Hmmm..maybe she can go into art gallery management thingy bila besar nanti. Is there such a thing?

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