Thursday, June 6, 2013

Salt and Hypertension

Ni gara2 nak menolong mbak control her high BP. I frankly admit that my drive is purely selfish. My primary concern for her well-being is directly related to my need to have her healthy in taking care of my kids. Lagi2 nak datang lagi sorang baby nih. Uihhhh...risau la kalau jadi apa2 kat kids kalau tiba2 dia kena penangan HBP (na'uzubillah). Contoh, kut rasa nak pengsan masa tgh dukung budak ke. Dia collapse and kita nak kena jaga dia pulak. Or even having to send her back (oh tidak...) sebab dah tak sihat sangat ke.
I started by checking the salt that I've been using.
Few months ago, I went to Lyon and bought packs of fleur de sal - boutique sea salt from France. I gave Win a pack, and he reciprocated by buying me a common table salt when he was in Brussels (?)..duhh. Penat je bagi dia. Kita bagi, ingatkan dia appreciate le boutique salt since lately mcm tunjuk minat nak masak2. Appreciate the thot but rasa lawak la jugak...
So I browsed about the differences between table salt, sea salt and rock salt (garam bukit). Conclusion, all contain more or less the same amount of sodium (>90%), with the exception of table salt which may contain less of other minerals due to processing and refining. Sea salt and rock salt still contain other minerals. And I found about the recommended low sodium salt (~60% sodium), cth brand LoSalt. Nak kena cari ni.
From left : garam laut from France, garam bukit Halagel and LoSalt from UK
Of course, the easiest and best method is to cut down processed food and salt. Lepas tu berdetik nak check Maggi Secukup Rasa. Mbak suka sangat pakai benda ni. I dunno from whom she pick this cooking habit. Mama ke? Lo and behold, it contains sodium and MSG you...haaaa..salah satu penyebab migraine which mbak is commonly afflicted with.
That's it. I am officially banning this in my house.
So far, my BP is ok. Syed's too. But I want to age gracefully. No serious illness please. It has to start from now, lagi2 tengah sihat walafiat nih.

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