Thursday, June 13, 2013

Reunion after 14 years - USMKCP'99 Sch of Chem Eng

About a month ago, three of us thought of getting together thru FB. Since then few others voiced their interest to join. Whatsapp group was formed, madam only laaa..hehehe, there were not many guys in our batch. So last weekend, we met up in one of the friend's house. Woohoo!
Ten of us, generally maintain gituu..kakaka
Most of us were married to USM peeps too. While the madams yapping inside the house, the hubbies were hanging out on the porch bersembang2. Dalam ramai2 tu, I think Aini's & Ama's hubby je 'outsider' Hehehe...sorryy for the term.
Guys bergebang di porch
Syok gilerr..naturally we catched up stories, the camaraderie is still strong even though 14 years has lapsed. Ada jugak la few moments (for me) that I felt funny. Especially when we talked about our kids and their schooling. 2 of us actually have teen kids so we talked about handling puberty issues...ohohohoho! Sapa sangka noh. I would have laughed so hard if somebody told me back in uni time that in future, this would be the scenario.
Yesterday, we had a mini gathering. This time, I reunited with my ex-house mate who's also my uni batch. Kebetulan she had a meeting in KLCC (flew in from east coast) and had free time in from lunch onwards. Cik Zai pun join jugak since both have not seen each other since graduation.
House-mate when I was working in east coast
 Rezeki den, orang jauh belanja...kakaka. I purposely picked out the location since it was quite some time since I had Fish Florentine for lunch. Thanks Na! Walaupun itu company nye meal allowance....kekekeke.
Makan2 kat Cozy Corner, Ampang Park
Hahh...hopefully more gathering will be in the pipeline. I am already planning an aqiqah for this baby and definitely will be inviting them all.

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