Friday, November 1, 2013

MWM2014 - 16 March is the date

March...I'm hoping it would be a biiit later. Sebabnya nak join lah kan and I want to do a 10K. 6 months after delivery and doing a 10K. I'm sure super fit mom boleh je buat but saya idak le super fit.
Hmm..kena muhasabah diri aka self-assessment before I go for this. Barang nak pakai lama ek? Better safe than sorry. Early bird registration is unitl 20th Jan. Pikir2 kan lah. Alah...apa susah sangat. Don't complicate things. Kalau risau sangat, run half of the distance and walk the other half. Hokay?
I missed this year's event, so...nak jugak masuk next year huhuhu
7 Nov 2013
Registered for 10K wakakakaka. attention to the left knee ok. Niggles at the kneecap (inner side) if I walked a lot ie grocery shopping je punn..

20 Jan 2014
Wooohoooo!! 10K pun dapat pendant. Makcik sukeee gilerrr !!
Mode : Berazam nak kejar limited medal jugak !


lina said...

Hope to see you there.

Boleh je do that 10k. Jangan kejar limited medal udah le... Though I bet you can get them too. :-)

adi4aki said...

Hohoho..i'm not a fast runner pun nak aim for that limited medal. Just to feel the 'girl power' ambience during the event. Jom kiteee..!