Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mission for Mom's Milk

By end of this week, Umar will be 6 weeks. I'm currently directly BFeeding Umar yey ! However, my milk is not yet enough. Still need to supplement with formula milk. Dah masuk 3 tin formula weh..Before this, since Umar gelojoh (mengamuk2 hokay) and my milk flow was selloww melloww, terpaksa la fed Umar with formula. Concurrently I had to pump (using Medela Pump in Style) and once amount of EBM (expressed breast milk) cukup, baru bottle fed the EBM to Umar. Terkejar2 nak pam susu. Awal2 tu depressed ooo..nangis 2-3 kali. Dah pam tapi tak seberapa yang keluar sampai bengkak susu. So bila feed baby dgn formula dgn empunya diri tgh bengkak susu...sedey la. Haishhh..
Truly, those mothers yang practice exclusive pumping (EP), tabik spring lah. Dah lah kena menyusu baby, lepas tu nak kena mengepam. Kalau nak jimat masa terpaksa la sambil bottle feed, sambil pam susu.
Now on average, I'm supplementing Umar with 2-3 bottles of formula. Once in the morning after dia mandi, maybe once late noon and once before he goes to sleep.  Kalau Umar lapaq, mau nak kena double formula feed another one late night.
Terasa geramm la jugak..eeee..I just need to cut down/ cut-off those 2-3 bottles of formula. Sikiiit lagi. 
So, tgh gigih nak meng'up' kan lagi BM. I start to take oats with my Milo during EP days. Siap beli Kjeldsen's oat cookies. Ok, ada laaa half to 1 oz milk increase everytime pumping session. I even took fenugreek for 2 days. Huhuhuhu...this one I buat sekejap je and stopped doing since I was gassy and experienced stomach cramp. Tak sempat tgk whether fenugreek berhasil ke idak. My fren tried and it worked for her very2 well..susu byk sampai tersedak2 la pulak baby dia.
Latest galactagogue I'm taking is alfalfa. This one I just started taking on Monday - Shaklee product, coupled with its Energizing Soy Protein. Tgh saspen la ni whether this will help increasing my BM.
On Monday itself, I managed to BF the whole night. Tuesday morning, managed to cut-off the FM down to only a single 2oz FM feeding at 10pm. Ughhh...so close. Maybe I need to add alfalfa dosage during dinner time.
Beli at Empire Tower. Thaks to Zai, for ID number. Oat cookies tin at the base of bottles.
Wednesday, 100% BF achieved. I'm cautiously happy about this. Hopefully this can be sustained. The 3rd tin FM still there (dah nak habis). I even bought the 4th tin. Hopefully remains unopened. Susu formula mahal ooo, tapi alangkah bahagia nya walaupun rugi tak terpakai the 4th tin tu.
Reminder : Trying to pump at night, 1-2 sessions. Umar sleeps like 2-4 hours between feedings (belum consistent lagi). Let's get a pumping session every 1 hour after he feeds, shall we? Cmon...kena gigih sikit lagi. Tapi dua mlm dok fully BF ni, tiap2 1-2 jam dia bangun menyusu. Soooo...susah sikit laa nak mengepam. Ngantuk weii plus takde susu nak dipam kut. Nyusu je takes like 30-45 mins, sometime can last until 1 hour, campur dgn masa nak menidokan dia.

16 Nov
3 days 100% BF..yey! today wud be the 4th day in shaa allah. ya allah, murahkanlah rezeki amiin. Yesterday got some scare. Umar menyusu tak henti during the day, like every 30min-1hr. Nighttime, marah2 lagi coz milk run dry? But did some reading, most probably he's into his 6weeks growth spurt. So that's why extra demand kut. Tabaaaah...! Preservere..!

9 Dec
Weeheehee..happy..happy :) Soon will be 4weeks Umar on BF 100%. I really have to thank Shaklee product. It works although with a side effect. I really believe the product helped to increase my milk but I developed itchiness on my hands and legs few days after consumption. The itch progressed into rashes - largest rash almost covered my right calf. Gatal oooo. Had to stop using them after being advised by dermatologist (yep..siap jumpa dermatologist). Funny thing is, it still itches but thankfully it's reducing.
Nasib baik susu maintain. I luuuuv my Medela PISA. Berbaloi lah beli although mahal ~RM1800. My previous pump was Avent hand pump. Why do I love this PISA? Kalau dgn Avent, I managed to get 1 letdown je and jaraaang2 dapat 2nd letdown. With this PISA, I can get 2 letdowns or ever 3rd letdown if I extended the pumping session.
So now I'm building up stock, as a preparation to go back to work. So far, I pump once a night, carca marba timing. Kalau terbangun tido and rasa penuh dada and Umar macam nyenyak je...pam le. Depending on duration of pumping, I can get 3oz. 2oz if I pump right after feeding Umar or if I have to cut short the pumping sebab Umar bangun.

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