Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Huda's Toilet training

Today is the 4th day. Miserable first and second day. Bibik la miserable ahahaha. Dia yang kena mop lantai. Bersungguh betul makcik tu nak toilet-train Huda. 2-3 months ago Bibik asked me about Huda going to tadika (next year?) and I told her not until she is out of diapers.
First day, Huda wet her pants like 5 times? Same on second day. Luckily she consistently did it in the hall and waddled to us after she did her business. Senang for both me & bibik then mencari2 la the wet spot. The thing is, everytime we put her on the toilet seat, nothing happened and we did this hourly. On some occasions, she would wet herself few minutes just after the toilet visit.
Third time is a charm and third day was a dry day. I put Huda on the toilet seat and gave her ipad so that she could bear with a longer seating. It worked! Tak lama mana pun, 10 mins? My theory, Huda actually is not aware/understand the wee-wee feeling/ condition/ situation. Subsequent visits to toilet gave splashing results ehehe. .
Today, Huda woke up with a dry diapers and Bibik told me byk jugak la dia wee wee time mandi pagi. Hmmm..very promising.
p/s : As long as we keep sending her to the loo, there will be no incident. Twice she wee-wee upstairs and both me and bibik spent most of times downstairs. Night diapers has been consistently dry.

21 Dec
Wee wee dah sangat ok, except maybe when we totally forgot to remind her and she's totally occupied doing something or when she's stressed (ie gaduh besar dgn kakak...).
The poo-poo is another story. Haishhh...this one is really tough. For many weeks, she did it in her pants. Thankfully, everytime she did it, it would be dry sebab dah pandai tahan wee wee. She would only let us know 'after' lah or we would notice due to the not so nice smell lah. Eventually we figured it out that she knows poo goes to toilet but simply does not comprehend that poo-ing itself (sorry, TMI..) must be done while seated on a toilet.
What we did? Demo laaaa...har har har...tak payah la go into details eh. Results? Promising. No accident so far.

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