Friday, November 15, 2013

Hubby's Penang Bridge Run

I started running first. Then managed to get husband to join. So we've been running in events together. The events that he ran alone, usually because I was out-stationed last minute. That happened during PBIM12. We were supposed to run the 10K together. This year, I was on maternity la pulakkk.
For PBIM2013 we registered for 21K...hah amek kao. He's driving to Penang this evening with another friend, also running HM. Another 2 friends will rendezvous tomorrow at the event.
Worrying thing is, hubby running activities also dwindled down the drain when I'm on maternity. Ishh...tak sustainable langsung. His last event was 10K in PBSN Nite Marathon and he did a 7K last weekend. Itu ajeee? Apakahhh..
Good luck to you abang. Kalau rase mcm tak larat in the midst of run, surrender je lah heh? DNF tak pe lagi. Jangan la dah sampai Penang, DNS la pulakk. Lagi kelakar.

Post Race notes :
He did it ehehehe. He ran like 11-12KM then brisk walked all the way. Patutnya tak dapat medal lah sebab qualifying hours is 3.5 tapi agaknya byk medal lebih, officer bagi je la kott. On Sunday itself, live tracking system did not even register his total run but only indicated estimated finish time. Time-out I guessed. However, Monday showed that the system got corrected and hubby's timing was registered properly this time.
Hardcore runners may laugh or even ridicule the time, but who cares? My body, my kaki, my time eh? Hubby was happy enough, siap bawak medal to his office for bragging. He sustained no serious injury except swollen left ankle. First time jadi ni. An evidence, if he were to run HM or longer, need to loose weight or strengthen the ankle. The ankle was an old injury. He broke it while playing football like 10 years ago. For 1 year or so he had a metal with a couple of screws in his ankle bone (a nuisance everytime walking through metal detector in airports).


lina said...

All the best to your hubby.
Sure he can do it.

Pelan-pelan pun habis jugak kan?

I did 7K the week b4 I did FM at PNM too. heh heh

adi4aki said...

You mantappp. Byk mileage kutt
My hasben paling jauh pun 15KM.