Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Baby meet Terry?

A colleague of mine queried whether I will be joining the run or not. Both of us kebetulan tengah on maternity leave but definitely the pantang will be over by then. She'll be joining, pi hangkut sumer anak, suami and baby baru.
Last year, my hubby ran alone. I was out-stationed last minute, hangin la jugak sebab tak dapat join. So this time, I am...contemplating..hmm... to jalan2. I will angkut my baby jugak lah kan, tu je yang buat pikir 2-3 kali nak join ke idak.
T-shirt is sold in several places. Lo and behold, CARIF SDMC being one of them. And I am going there early next week for my follow-up medical checkup. Macam kebetulan ke aper.

21 Dec
Just to note that we did not go for this. Balik kampunnnggg. Anyways, dapat la menyumbang by buying the shirt.


lina said...

YES!!! See you there, hopefully. :-)

I'm buying mine this Sunday alang-alang nak gi 1mont liars so can stop by Running Lab for the tees :-)

lina said...
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lina said...

Kiara jadi liars lak. Haih

adi4aki said...

mont liars hahaha. but cannot beat my fren typo error. she meant to type 'kau subur' (we were wtsapping about pregnancy) but she typed 'kau dubur' :P
hihihi...jom kite ke titiwangse