Monday, September 2, 2013

Ikan Jerung behaving like kucing..amazing

Yesterday night, me & hubby watched a documentary on Animal Planet about shark. Tak plan pun nak menonton, I was actually restless sebab tak jumpa comfortable pose on the bed so decided to lepak tengok TV.
We did not know the head and tail of the documentary but saw people in shallow waters, catching and holding small sharks immobile. Small meaning like 2-3 feet long je. Like the species yg hubby & I saw during our vacation in Maldives.
Creamy and cute...ehehehe. Shot in Rangali island, Maldives
One phrase kept popping up - tonic immobility. We were stumped. Apa ke bende tonic had to do with sharks and sea. We kept on watching and the documentary getting more and more suspenseful. The diver then attempted to do this tonic immobility on a reef shark. So many sharks meh surrounded this guy and his companion!! Fuhhh..I simply cannot comprehend. I always have this fear of drowning, apa lagi nak diving, plusss surrounding yourself with sharks. Some of the sharks bumped and shoved the divers. Diver ni main tepis2 je the sharks snout. Ohhh..tidaaak.
One shark swam direct to the diver heading toward the area of his stomach. And the diver induced this tonic immobility. Lo and behold, the shark stopped swimming. Diver to usap2 je the shark's snout (macam usap bawah dagu kucing gitu). Selalunya, I tgk mata shark ni, semua hitam.
Evil looking shark
In this documentary, first time I saw different kind of shark 'looks'.
Shark induced with tonic immobility (TI). Mcm mata kucing tgh rilek.
Kena TI. Jerung tutup mata.

 The diver then did the ultimate test whether this tonic immobility is 100% induced. He flipped the shark upside down. Keras kejung rilek je jerung tuh..Truly unbelievable.
Kitaorg punya la cursing that the diver, crazy nak mampus for attempting all the above, but in the end both me & hubby were really stumped. Hubby terus google apa ke benda tonic immobility (tak puas hati nye pasal).
'Tonic immobility (TI) is a state of paralysis that animals enter, in most cases in response to a threat. Some scientists relate it to mating in certain animals like the shark.
Some sharks can be placed in a tonic state.[1] The shark remains in this state of paralysis for an average of fifteen minutes before it recovers. Scientists have exploited this phenomenon to study shark behaviour.' Wikipedia lah :)
Dah lama tak rasa amazed when watching a documentary. Syok pulak. Ilmu Allah kan, banyak lagi belum diterokai. Subhanallah.

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