Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Phasing out the kids from our room

We practiced co-sleeping ie the kids sleep with us. Hayaa slept with us on the bed and Huda slept on the floor mattress. We tried to move Hayaa to sleep on the floor mattress many years ago but it was unsuccessful, she kept creeping back into our bed. Nasib baik king sized bed, so between the 3 of us, it was manageable. But not when she reached 5-6 years and jadi semakin lasak tido. Sometimes hubby tak tahan, he slept in the guest room...apa tak nya, kadang2 budak tu tido melintang kut, kaki naik ke muka kitaorg lah. When Huda arrived, it was a lesson learnt so we were diligent to make sure she stays sleeping on the floor mattress.
Maka, bermulalah projek memindahkan budak2 tido di katil sendiri. To make sure the transition is favorable, rule #1, katil mesti appealing. We think the tougher challenge is to convince Hayaa, so we let her choose the katil lah. We brought her to Home Furniture expo sometime mid this year, and she chose : 
Bunk bed for 3-Tomatokidz
 Pink laaaa..macam tak tau budak2 pompuan nih. Actually, the one displayed at the expo was without the trundle bed (the lowest one). We decided to add the trundle bed. Mana tau for future purpose. Lagipun, one of the parents nak kena teman dulu especially during transition period. The bed was delivered last weekend and we put it in another room.
Gonjeng lagi. Huda berjinak2 dgn katil.
The bed cost is RM1499, free delivery, free installation and free photo frame (on mid bed). Kebetulan pulak photo is about pink butterflies, memang si Hayaa tgh gila butterfly at this stage. Very sturdy bed. I dunno lah mahal ke idak for this package..might be but we did not bother checking others sebab bottom line, kena dapat stamp of approval tuan punya badan yang nak tido in this bed iaitu Hayaa. Lagi satu, masa cari katil, I was already pregnant. Penat lah nak meronda 2-3 kali, 2-3 tempat.
We even bought pink bedsheets and pink/white IKEA cabinet to create the environment that we hope would excite Hayaa. Hasilnya...
Huda in mid bed. IKEA cabinet on left. Pink Hello Kitty sheets.
Huda terlebih excited. Hayaa...hmm..she's not the type to express too much and too long pun. We asked whether she liked it. She said 'yes'. Hah, dah cukup bagus. Both girls started sleeping in it since last Sunday so it's been 4 days. Hayaa chose the top one and Huda slept in the mid. Hubby slept in the trundle bed...kekekeke. Once transition complete, we will leave the trundle bed a bit opened, just in case Huda jatuh katil. So far, so good. But as advised by my fellow friends, it will take about 3 months for the transition to complete. Sometimes the kids might crawled back into the parents' bed in middle of the night. When this happen, cempung je la budak balik ke katil diaorg.
Phase 1 - decoration - complete. Phase 2 - moving out - complete. Phase 3 - transition - work in progress.

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