Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Papan Rehal for ipad - salah guna ke?

Last weekend, my husband's nephew got married. The solemnization (akad nikah) was done in a surau close to the bride's home. The akad nikah (sekali lafaz) was successfully completed around 1130am after solat sunat by the bridegroom, upacara membatal air sembahyang and much photo-taking.
The arrangement was to wait for the kenduri to begin so the bride's entourage duduk melepak dulu lah dekat surau tu. Quite a spacious, neat and airy surau. Surau macam baru gitu. Well the neighbourhood is quite new, so it's logical if the surau looks new. Selalunya surau ni bina kemudian kan, after getting the required derma from the residents.
While waiting, my kids ran around the carpeted surau, creating havoc. Bila dah penat, they sat down and asked for ipads to play with. Coincidentally, saw a few papan rehal not in use. So..hehehe..ini lah hasilnya.
Comfy and convenient
Maximizing the use of papan rehal. Kakak main game, adik main educational game. Of course lepas pakai, kena simpan balik lah kan?

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