Monday, August 26, 2013

Home Birthing trend's confirmed that in my organization, already 2 mommies did home delivery. These 2 young ladies are from Gen-Y people. Did it at the comfort of their home, accompanied by husband and midwife/ doula only. Applause..applause.
Home birthing is actually very, very natural and normally done up to our grandmothers' era. I would say, starting from my mother's generation and Gen-X generation, hospital birthing is the norm. Too bad those 2 ladies were in a different office base right now, otherwise I would have grilled them for details.
Am I thinking about having a home birthing? Hmmm...not really. Not ready for it. Honestly, not ready to convert the comfort of our masterbedroom into a birthing room. Emm..messy kut ehehehe. Lagipun kecoh nak handle budak2 kecik dua orang tu karang.
Boleh tak nak deliver in a hospital, but with least/ none medical intrusion? No fetal monitoring straps, no dilation exam (hate this.., berapa kali mau seluk daaa), no induce, no shouting 'push! push!', no doctor/ nurses nyebok2, maybe sorang nurse monitor senyap2, no jabs to hasten placenta delivery/ reduce bleeding, no suction of baby's nose/mouth, immediate breastfeed. I wish to prevent tearing by allowing the baby to come on it's own sweet time so no episiotamy hopefully!
Last two deliveries, we went too early to the hospital. First, the water broke...there was no gushing amniotic fluid really, it sort of trickled twice..that was it. Second, got a bloody (peachy) discharge..not that much, pantyliner could handle it. I got no contraction when I arrived in the hospital. Contraction was induced after 2 hours lying in the labor room. The nurse swabbed some drug to my cervix (dunno what was that), contractions was immediate and I delivered 2 hours later. Fast tracked heishh and it happened during both deliveries. This time, praying for everything to go well, I plan to move to the hospital when the contraction is like reaching the 5-1-1 golden rule - contraction is 5 mins apart, lasts for 1 min, going on for 1 hour. Ganbatte!

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