Sunday, September 22, 2013

Favourite Chocolate - Whittaker Kiwi

Ishhhh...susah betol nak carik chocolate ni. Previously, I bought them (like 2-3 bars in a go) in Choc Boutique. Then for unknown reason, Choc Boutique stop selling them but still selling other Whittaker's line. I was deprived for a few months..sedey ooo.
Jaya Grocer comes into picture and it sells Whittaker, even Kiwi's. By this time I bought like 3-4 bars in a go. Lepas gian & into hoarding mode punya pasal. But NOW..even Jaya Grocer is short of Whittaker's Kiwi. uhuhuhuhu...I've got a quarter of a bar left, will be
scrimping on it until it got restocked.


lina said...

I pun suka Whittaker's.

Kiwi punya sedap eh? :-)

adi4aki said...

sedaaaappp! You chocoholic gak keee.
I like the kiwi bits & pieces in the bar.