Sunday, November 22, 2015

Finally running PBIM2015

Three years I've tried to run PBIM. Year 1 - got a last minute 1 month overseas assignment & hubby ran alone (sob!). Year 2 - confinement with 2nd baby but at least hubby ran with several friends. Year 3 - got foot injury after running BSN Putrajaya and Standard Chartered KL back to back (padan muka...lesson learnt). That year I only chauffered hubby and friends, the least I could do. 3 tahun tak dapat2 lari PBIM, finally I ran it the first time on 22 Nov.
I carpooled with an office mate (also a runner). Hubby could not join, due to overseas assignment. It was a long drive from KL, about 6.5 hrs. Heavy rains and many cars were heading to the north. South bound looked lonely though. Sumer org pergi PBIM ke? Hubby texted while I was in Tapah  R&R for lunch and solat, asking if I could make it collecting the kit in Queensbay Mall. Panic set in when I realized that collection closes at 6pm (tu laa...sapa suruh self collect..sapa suruh tak baca race kit notification betul2). Waze predicted 505pm arrival but kept revising the time..later and later. Luckily, a friend in Penang called me to meet-up tonight and she helped to collect the kit. Sayang ko Yat oiii! We met-up at Subaidah, had an early dinner.
Me, my opis mate & Sarah (hubby's niece).
I was hoping I could nail 3hrs15m or less since I clocked 3hrs17m during the recent 2XU HM. Hmmphhh.. 3hrs33m sudahnya kakakaka. Maybe I was still tired driving from KL. Maybe I did not have a good night rest. Sleep was elusive after the Subaidah dinner (kept waking up). Also, I was due for my period. Supposed to get it on the day of the run but got it today. Or maybe I did not fully recover from 2XU. Whatever...I'm still glad. 3 tahun penantian kutt..
After the run, of course tak sah kalau makcik tak pekena nasik lemuni kat pasar Taman Tun Sardon. Sempat jugak laaa singgah Padang Kota Lama for Hussein pasemboq before our drive back to KL (after tidoq 2-3 jam).

Good thing about this run, I noticed that my knee pain was gone. Core strengthening & yoga helps I guess. My foot arch and plantar issue was also manageable (less) thanks to taping. But I always have this hip pain especially on the left side, where the thigh bone connects to the hip joint. This time it hit me at KM15 and forced me to walk to the end.
My run:walk was out of rhythm, nearing 15KM
Need to figure out ways to manage/ reduce/ eliminate this pain. Kalau ada hajat nak lari FM in future, must resolve this one dulu la kann.