Friday, November 20, 2015

Yoga aha aha

Sedar tak sedar..dah nak dekat 11 bulan I've been taking yoga class. It's all started when I took a long break from any physical activities after Kinabalu. Knee and foot arch pain. I was contemplating swimming but such a hassle to go to the swimming pool..lagipun makcik ni tak tahan sejuk. Memilih sikit pukul berapa nak masuk pool.
Yoga was in the contemplation list and for weeks I browsed the net for any suitable yoga studio. Lo and behold...out of the office mate (Huda, jiran office cubicle) asked whether I would be interested to join a private (!) yoga class. Eeepp..! Ni la orang kata...your prayer came true! Alhamdulillah...
Rupanya her neighbour has this roomy and spacious attic and she doesn't know what to do with it. They had a girl talk I guess and both of them thought of yoga. So the private yoga class project began. Some criterias were being laid down. The attic can fit up to 6 people (or yoga mats) with 4 being the optimum. Since we are all mommies, the preferred time is 7am-8am on Saturday so that (younger) kids belum fully bangun dan mengacau2 or meracau2 cari mak. Done Saturday morning yoga, then we can do anyhting else for the rest of the weekend.
Through network, Huda found a potential teacher, Nabilla. Fees were discussed, schedule/ timing were agreed upon and the class was on! Huda even managed to find another yoga mate. First class was on 7th Feb. But preparation started wayyy before that. Nak pakai baju mat nak beli kat mana..headband cool ke, or ikat je rambut. Or yes, since all are ladies ehehehe...suka hati laa nak sarung apa, seketat mana. Tapi kami orang2 baik je. So memasing pakai baby tee, long tights and headband. Dah mak-mak kut..segan laa nak pakai sports bra & shorts jee.
Maka bermulalah our yoga journey. First day class, baru tahu yg Nabilla is practising Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga ( pun byk jenis rupanya). We were asked about our general physical fitness, any injuries, sapa2 tgh pregnant ke etc. Then...apa the front of the mat :)
Yg ni baru Primary Series
Dah leerr baru tau that we will be practicing Ashtanga vinyasa yoga. Rupa2nya, AVY ni pun ada bersiri2. That first day, we grunted and puffed doing about a quarter of the standing sequence and only about 5 seated poses. We closed off doing the last 5 of the poses in finishing sequence. Pose yg last tu..dead man pose (savasana)...favourite pose. Anybody can do savasana kannn..
Perghhh...I know the poses are going to be challenging. But trying to maintain the pose itself pun termengah2, menggeletar2 sampai peluh menitik2. Tup...tup..tup...haaa bunyi peluh menitik atas yoga mat tu. Our tees were soaking wet. Had to wipe off the sweats with towel in between poses. As warned by Nabilla, all of us had body ache 3-4 days. Soreness kat tempat yang tak pernah2 sore..haishh.
Initially, I was skeptical and worried looking at the diagram, thinking that I could never do some of the poses. I cannot help comparing it to my running experience. For example, once upon a time, running a 5K was so scary but now...full marathon is even possible. Not yet..but maybe in 1-2 years time. Same like yoga. Bit by bit, you'll get there.
I've experienced runner's high...and hahahhaa..dunno what to call it yogi's high? Got that yogi's high last week...when I finally got to do the headstand (sirsana) without the wall support yeahaaaa! After 11 months okayy...2-3 hari la jugak dok high. Rasa sebijik macam runner's high.
No..that was not me..makcik nye belum straight cantik macam tu. Working on it :)

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