Sunday, December 6, 2015

Human watching at BGRC Water Park

Bukit Gambang Resort city, we stayed there for 2 nights last month during Deepavali holiday. Safari park was ok-ok. Water park was also ok-ok but kids enjoyed themselves so much at the Water Park, no surprise there.
Me & husband? We spent half of the time watching the kids. The other half of the time, we did human watching. Of particular interest, watching the people waiting for the big fish water tank to tip over, so that they can be washed over with this HUGE amount of water.
There were 3 fish water tanks. Fish 1 too small, it was ignored. Fish 3 is the biggest and takes longest time to fill up and tip over, it was also ignored. We saw a bunch of people sitting patiently in the wading pool under the Fish 2, the middle sized tank. And we saw more and more people joined in and sit close together. All facing the Fish 2 and looking up with expectation.
We watched them for like 10-15 minutes and finally we did see Fish 2 slowly tipping over. Every now & then somebody would shout excitedly when the tank inched an angle. Then Fish 2 stopped, it was stuck. The human bunch waited a bit more (just in case it WILL tipped over) and getting frustrated, making some noises 'Alaaaa..' or such. Hahaha ! Kesian, frust..kitaorg pun frust tak dapat tengok diaorg di simbah air.
Biggest Fish
Then one by one got up and switched to Fish 3, the biggest one. This time the crowd was even bigger than before. More and more people joined in. Like before, they sat facing Fish 3, looking up excitedly. 20-25 minutes or so, seriously...I did check the time. Then it finally happened. Fish 3 tipped over and everybody shouted, screamed and laughed excitedly while being washed over with the gush of water (we also laughed). Good for them! After waiting more than 30 minutes, they finally got washout out. The crowd then got up one by one and dispersed. Sekian, terima kasih. That was it...rasa lawak pun ye. Me & husband actually had fun watching them.

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