Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Rinjani, Kami Nak Datang

After Kinabalu Dec 2014, semangat membara2 nak menjelajah puncak yang seterusnya. Entah kenapa, rata2 akan target Gunung Rinjani, Lombok. Kitaorg pun terjebak jugak laaaa..Konon2 nya nak pergi Rinjani awal 2015. Tapi tak menjadi pulak plan tu.
Kinabalu takut..Rinjani pun takut...apa ni makcik?!
Thanks to the same travel agency that we engaged in our Kinabalu trip (Danz Travel), the desire to conquer Rinjani was rekindled. We've been keeping in touch with our fellow Kinabalu 2014 hikers, no doubt made possible with Whatsapp.
Naturally when En Dan proposed the Rinjani trip 7-12 April 2016, everybody started to dare each other. Hence a group of 30 peoples or so committed, including me & husband. I would say, out of those 30, 7-8 were from the same Kinabalu 2014 trips. It's really nice to reunite with the same cool company for Rinjani.
Gunung Baru Jari (near Rinjani) erupted recently circa end of October and the airport had to be closed. However the hikers2 otai in the group were cool about it and assured that situation will be ok by the time of our trip. Ok lah..kita pun (try to be) cool lah.
Looking forward...with suspense...

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lina said...

Wahhhhhh bestnyer!

Enjoy your trip nanti.

p.s. pastu leh la bua Rinjani Ultra.